‘Ashmit-Sara romance NOT stage-managed’

Reacting to claims by television star Sara Khan’s ex-boyfriend Ali Merchant that the Ashmit PatelSara Khan romance in ‘Bigg Boss’ is ‘stage-managed’ by the television channel airing it, Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar has said, “Ashmit is just being himself on the show. Nothing about him is fake or stage-managed. Even if his emotions were to be manipulated by someone on the show, he wouldn’t know it.”

Meanwhile, giving interviews against the channel airing the reality show, Ali Merchant has alleged that the broadcaster is deliberately trying to project the Ashmit-Sara ‘relationship’ as a ‘romance’ by showing selective footage to the viewers. “All that gets the channel the TRPs,” Ali has stated. It is surprising that Ali has chosen to adopt this anti-broadcaster stand, inspite of the ‘Bidaai’ fame actress publicly denouncing her relationship with him and bidding bidaai to Ali on the show, while professing her love for Ashmit.

“Since it’s a reality show and almost everything’s on camera, it’s a very tricky situation for all involved,” admitted Bhagwagar. “I understand how embarrassing a situation this is for Ali. I sympathize with him as it must be a PR nightmare for him. After the show, if he goes back to Sara, he would be looked upon as a weak man. If Sara goes back to him, her character could come in question. It’s a complete catch-22 situation, but since we are also talking emotions here, it’s not correct for Ali to blatantly blame the TV channel for his personal break-up,” the publicist added.


As far as Ashmit goes, it’s evident from the show, that the debonair is taking things at face value and as they come. No doubt, the Bollywood actor’s approach to Sara’s moves has been responsible and dignified. And that is also one of the reasons he’s emerged a favourite with girls on and off the show.