Ameesha feels Ashmit is the ‘hot eye-candy’ of Bigg Boss!

In an interview to a news agency, Ameesha Patel has expressed her support for her brother Ashmit, currently making waves on the reality show Bigg Boss. So much so that Ameesha has said, she is cool with all his flirting too.


“I hear it often from others that ‘your brother is the only hot person and eye-candy in the Bigg Boss House’. He seems to have the right combination of being a friend and a flirt to everybody inside the House and I think that’s great,” remarked Ameesha.


She cheekily said, “Girls better chase him because if he is not flirting back then there is something wrong with him — he is not my brother. Plus, everybody knows it is a show at the end of the day; it is not that he is going to get a bride back home.”


Having said that, Ameesha made it a point to add, “I’ve always told him to respect a woman and never hurt her feelings. There is no harm in healthy flirting if it makes the other one feel special.”


Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar remarked, “If Veena Malik heard that, she would end up blushing all day.”


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