Bulbul and “no potty” scare Mandeep Bevli in Bigg Boss!

As Bigg Boss takes its uncanny twists and turns, amidst slight vibrations in its cinematography this year, television’s spicy-gossip anchor Mandeep Bevli, who seemed to be the ‘underdog Housemate’ until now, is slowly coming into prominence with her regular “potty” talk.

Yes! Mandeep who has been known mostly for her trademark bewildered owlish look from the last two days, has been constantly cribbing about her health in comical Hindi and hilarious Hinglish.

Claiming to be ‘constipated’ because of being ‘sleep deprived’ in the House, she’s been complaining, “Mereko kuch idea nahin hai – main jaa raha hoon, aa raha hoon. Mera shit band hai, four days se, jis din se main aaya hoon. Kyunki mera jab tak sleep nahin hoga, mera shit aayega nahin.”

Speaking to a camera, she quipped, “khada hua nahin jaata hai, khana nahin kha rahe hai, potty nahin aa raha hai,” while wishing for a voluntary exit from the reality show. Terming her constipation problem as “serious serious trouble”, she broke down in tears, adding, she doesn’t like to cry, but is helpless.

“Not many are aware that every contestant of Bigg Boss has to undergo a physical fitness medical test just before entering the House,” remarked Dale Bhagwagar, a Bigg Boss analyst, who has handled publicity for maximum reality show celebrities. “Which means, Mandeep might have acquired her health problem in the last three-four days,” he added.

Earlier, Mandeep slid under the dining table, after spotting a Bulbul (bird) sitting inside the Bigg Boss House. While she described her ‘bird scare’ a “phobia”, Mahek Chahal came to her rescue and escorted Mandeep out to the garden.

Later, she was given a task of judging a contest between Housemates, but put in the House Jail for not asserting Bigg Boss rules. It goes without saying that Mandeep broke down again in the Jail and blamed Bigg Boss for causing her the pain and risking her life with many mosquitoes around.

When released by night, Mandeep mentioned, she had a “vested interest” to perform an exercise task given to Housemates. She continued her obsession with ‘constipation’ saying, “Agar exercise hoga, toh paani peeyenge na, toh potty aayega!”

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