Censors scare ‘Bhoot’!… More jhagde in the offing

When desi firebrand Rakhi Sawant collaborated with India’s mad-max music import from Canada ishQ Bector, the duo had hardly realized the trouble they’d fall into.

Their album titled ‘Jhagde’ has been in the news for some reason or the other, including a public spat the duo had at the launch event of their second video ‘Bhoot’, last week.

But what has hit them now, is far too serious than tiffs and spats! The Censor Board has blown the daylights out of Rakhi and ishQ, with a diktat that they need to delete or bleep out the word ‘kamine’ from the mukhda (opening verse) of their video.

The words of the song go “Kamine tera bhoot chad gaya re”. But Rakhi’s already singing a new tune. “This is cruelty. The Censor Board needs brain surgery,” she shoots, and in her trademark style, breaks into a ‘modified’ song, “Censor Board tera bhoot chad gaya re”.

While Rakhi is taking a straight dig at the Board, ishQ, who has written the lyrics, apart from singing and composing the album, is furious too. “The word ‘kamine’ has been passed so many times in umpteen films earlier. What’s the point of banning it now,” he justifies.

“The Censor Board has been ordering such frivolous cuts too often in our industry, but this time, we will not take things lying down. If need be, we will garner public support and land up at their office to protest,” he threatens.

Gosh! The crazy way this is going, it seems, the real ‘jhagde’ have just begun.