IshQ wants Dharmendra to sing ‘kamine’

While the controversy about the IshQ BectorRakhi Sawant video rages on (with the Censor Board having deleted the word ‘kamine’ from their video ‘Bhoot’), lyricist-singer-composer IshQ Bector is all set to give their ‘jhagde’ a new turn.

IshQ wants Bollywood’s original he-man Dharmendra to enact a new version of the ‘Bhoot’ video, singing the same line, ‘kamine tera bhoot chad gaya re’.

“I’ve been a fan of Dharamji’s garam movies,” quips IshQ. “Plus, he has mouthed the lines ‘kutte-kamine, main tera khoon pee jaoonga’ in umpteen movies before. It will be good fun to see how the Censor Board can stop him from singing ‘kamine’. If they do so, it will clearly prove that the Board is an epitome of double standards, further exposing their bias towards my video”.

According to the singer-composer, Dharmendra has studied in the same school as his dad, in a small village called Tandra (near Ludhiana), before IshQ’s dad moved to Canada, and Dharmendra to Bollywood. Let’s see if these connections help this mad-max music import from Canada, to rope in the Bollywood he-man. If he does, it’ll be breaking news.

Psst: It can be recalled that IshQ had problems with the Censor Board earlier too, when they objected to a couple of words in his earlier video ‘Aye Hip Hopper’ a year ago. Nevertheless, the video went on to become a huge hit and established IshQ in the music industry.

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