Narmmadaa’s the latest fitness freak!

It seems the fitness bug doesn’t spare anyone. Even though she’s already quite slim and svelte, Govinda’s daughter Narmmadaa Ahuja is the latest debutante to jump onto the treadmill. The bodacious beauty, who is getting ready to announce her debut film, has been exercising religiously over the past weeks, led by her personal trainer, Viraj Samalkar. And the results seem to be showing.

Narmmadaa Ahuja
Narmmadaa Ahuja

Not that she needed to, but Narmmadaa has already lost around four to five kilos of weight under Samalkar’s guidance. Viraj has put her on a strict regimen of dieting and exercise.

“I’m very particular about working out and sometimes even manage to workout at the break of dawn.” Though the newbie says, she prefers exercising “on warm summer mornings, rather than these dull rainy ones”. While she has her mind set on her health, Samalkar makes her do thirty crunches every alternate day that in her own words, are “the most tedious part of the regimen.”

But if there is one thing that Narmmadaa has no complaints about, it’s her diet. A mix of carbohydrates and proteins, along with lots of vegetable juices and chicken, she simply loves binging out on it, while still maintaining her 25 inch waist. “The diet has left my hair and skin glowing gorgeously,” she says with a smile.

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