Neetu Chandra questions authenticity of Veena Malik’s claims!

Rubbishing all of Pakistani actress Veena Malik’s statements on Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra’s involvement in the match fixing scandal that has taken international cricket by storm, the latter’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Veena Malik seems to be a very good actress and the media seems to love the drama. But for Neetu Chandra, Veena’s speculatory claims have put a big question mark on the credibility of her scandalous statements.”

“It seems Veena Malik is doing all this to get back at her ex-boyfriend Mohammad Asif. If that is the case, it is unfair to drag Neetu’s name in the match fixing scandal, especially when Neetu has no connection with either Mohammd Asif or any Pakistani cricketer,” added the celebrity publicist.

“Does Veena have any proof that Neetu ever knew Mohammad Asif? Does she have any evidence that the Indian actress who Veena claims, spoke to Asif, was indeed Neetu Chandra? If not, what is the purpose behind dragging the Bollywood actress into the cricket scandal? It seems like a big conspiracy. Is it because Veena has Bollywood ambitions? Is this a ploy to get famous in Bollywood?” asked Bhagwagar.

The publicist also questioned the authenticity of the so-called ‘document’, which supposedly states that Neetu had two conversations from her mobile phone with Mohammed Asif in 2009.

If reports in a section of the media are to be believed, the document, said to have been prepared by the Interpol and Scotland Yard on match fixing, got leaked from the Pakistan Cricket Board. “This seems to be another frivolous story. Has any Indian agency verified the authenticity of this document? Neetu has completely denied knowing Mohammad Asif. So why is Veena Malik harping on Neetu Chandra’s name? What is her interest and intention? Is she making a scapegoat out of Neetu Chandra? Does Veena Malik have any substantial evidence whatsoever to prove her claims about Neetu Chandra? Is it possible that the Pakistani actress has been creating these stories all along for publicity? Is she using the Indian media for free mileage?” questioned the publicist.

Going by the intricacies of the allegations on Neetu Chandra, these are just a few of the many questions Veena Malik needs to stand up and answer.

Meanwhile, Bhagwagar reiterated that Neetu does not know Mohammad Asif personally, and all allegations of links with the Pakistani bowler are untrue. “Neetu is nowhere connected to cricket or the scandal,” he stated. He added that she has not been interrogated by the Anti-Corruption Security Unit (ACSU) of International Cricket Council (ICC), as reported by a section of the media. “Just like Veena Malik’s speculatory claims about Neetu, that too was an incorrect report. The actress is very much in Mumbai and amused at all these false and fake allegations,” he stated.

Furthermore, Bhagwagar pointed out that Neetu was a basketball enthusiast and a Black Belt 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, having represented India at the international level, but not a cricket fan. “She hardly watches cricket and it doesn’t interest her much. In fact, she has never ever watched a single cricket match in its entirety,” he said.