Neetu Chandra v/s Veena Malik in ‘Bigg Boss’?

Reports suggest that Bollywood firebrand Neetu Chandra will soon lock horns with Pakistani actress and comedian Veena Malik in the coming season of India’s leading reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. Neetu is said to have been offered an astronomical amount to appear on the show.

The news comes as a shocker, especially after the cricket match-fixing controversy, wherein Veena Malik unceremoniously dragged Neetu Chandra’s name, stating that the Bollywood actress had direct links with her ex-boyfriend and Pakistani bowler Mohammad Asif as well as with the ‘spot-fixing’ scandal.

Now, the battle lines seem to be drawn. Veena Malik has already been reported to feature in ‘Bigg Boss’. If Neetu indeed joins her in the reality show, there could be major catfights, news spills and more shocking drama about the humongous cricket scandal which has already rocked the world.

When asked about her appearance in ‘Bigg Boss’, Neetu’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “I have also been hearing the buzz, but am yet to confirm with Neetu. I haven’t spoken to her, as I’m aware that she is in rehearsals today and her phone would be on silent mode. I’m not sure if Neetu would agree to be in ‘Bigg Boss’ even if the monies are huge.”

Wouldn’t the reality show be a good opportunity for Neetu to confront Veena Malik and her allegations head on, and clear her name from the match fixing scandal? “Veena Malik is a good comedian. She is a good actress. But I doubt if Neetu Chandra needs a reality show to defend herself. If I know her well, she’d rather keep her grace, poise and dignity intact, than spend her time and energies on Veena Malik’s baseless allegations,” said the PR specialist.

Meanwhile, after being in national and international headlines from over a week, Neetu Chandra has suddenly emerged the new sought-after Bollywood actress. Her demand for feature films, stage shows and events has grown manifold. As a trendsetting filmmaker commented, “Neetu has always been a good actress. She has had critical acclaim and two of her movies have won National Awards too. But after hitting the headlines with this international controversy, she is now a popular star in demand. The issue has actually pushed her celebrity status a few notches higher. Neetu Chandra’s equity has shot up at least by ten times now.”