Pooja Misrra’s blood boils with rage in Bigg Boss

Kicking a dustbin and breaking kitchen stuff, the alienated Pooja Misrra lost her temper on Shonali Nagrani in Bigg Boss this week. When Shonali provoked her further, asking, if she would “hit” her, Pooja hinted, she could get physical, if Shonali didn’t behave herself. “Get off my back,” an irritated Pooja screamed in rage; her blood boiling with anger.

What people saw in a trailer of the reality show, was a visibly furious Pooja, who has been cornered by most contestants on the show right from the beginning. All her attempts to make peace with the Housemates have more or less backfired, with them playing games and politics with the troubled soul.

“Standing at crossroads with growing impatience, Pooja has been trying her best to keep her cool. But the scheming Housemates are not letting her live in harmony, assuming she is hogging mileage and footage,” says public relations expert Dale Bhagwagar, who is a specialist with Bigg Boss hype and hoopla.

“Unluckily, for all Housemates, the public has realized that Pooja is a helpless victim of ‘created’ circumstances inside the House. Though the Housemates have been trying their best to ignore her, she has emerged an uncanny favourite with the cameras and the audiences alike,” he adds.

Meanwhile, there are reports about Nihita Biswas landing up at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, with a medical complication she hadn’t disclosed to the Bigg Boss team. The 22-year old wife of jailed ‘bikini killer’ Charles Sobhraj, was the first contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss, when she lost with a huge margin of votes against Pooja Misrra.

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