Bihar firebrand Neetu Chandra takes on Home Minister P.Chidambaram

Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra who hails from Bihar is terribly upset with Home Minister P.Chidambaram’s statement that ‘migrants commit crimes in Delhi’.


“Criminals commit crime, not migrants,” said Neetu. Learning that Chidambaram retracted his statement later, she remarked, “Are our politicians so fickle-minded that they make statements and retract them later?”


“We need leaders who unite us, not divide us like Britishers did,” said the firebrand.


“Migrants have been building Delhi. They have made the metros and the flyovers, the malls and the multiplexes and we all are proud of our capital. But such a statement from the Home Minister is not only disappointing but a very dangerous one. I hope there is a law against politicians who make such irresponsible remarks,” Neetu added.

Neetu’s learning Tamil

If you thought Neetu Chandra was talented, think again! The actress is almost giving talent a new meaning, by being a master of all she surveys.

As if being a Black Belt 2nd Dan; a basketball player; a kathak dancer; a harmonium, flute, as well as tanpura player, was not enough, the multi-faceted Bollywood actress from Bihar, has now gone a step ahead and is learning Tamil.

The story goes that a superhit director from the South approached Neetu two weeks ago to act in his film. Since he wasn’t comfortable talking in English or Hindi and his film was in Tamil, he wanted her to work on the language and become fluent in it. “That’s the time I instinctively decided to learn Tamil,” says Neetu. “I hired a tutor next day who now coaches me in the language for about two hours every day. He talks to me in Tamil and I write down the words in English and Hindi and then, reply in Tamil,” she says.

Ah, as we said earlier; some people can go to any extent to master everything they survey. Three cheers to Neetu Chandra and her determination.