Meghna’s cyber trauma could end soon!

It seems Meghna Naidu’s cyber trauma might finally come to an end, filmi style.

Two months ago, the actress had approached the Cyber Cell at the Crime Branch with a complaint about a hacker who breached her Gmail account and conducted various obscene chats, impersonating her.

The Bollywood actress was escorted to the Cyber Cell by her ex-publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who had caught the hacker’s bluff, when the impersonator chatted with him from her account. The PR specialist even managed to track down two IP (internet protocol) addresses of the hacker which were given to the Police.

Apparently, the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell has managed to trace one of the IP addresses to a location in Pune. The Police are now waiting for Meghna to file a formal FIR for further action.

Cops didn’t help, says Meghna!

“The cops at the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell gave a thanda response when I approached them with details of the hacker who hacked my gmail account this week. They were least bothered about my complaint,” lamented Meghna Naidu immediately after filing it.

Meghna had approached Senior Inspector and Cyber Cell Incharge Mukund Pawar, but to her apathy, he seemed completely disinterested in her case. “The cops didn’t even pay cognizance to the fact that I had actually managed to get them the two IP addresses of the hacker, something ‘they’ are expected to track. They were not even bothered to look these up in their database,” Meghna added, describing their total lack of concern.

Her ex-publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who had helped the actress find out the hacker’s IP addresses, echoed, “I took me five minutes to look up the hacker’s IP addresses to help Meghna. But when I escorted her to Cyber Crime, the cops told us, they will take a week to investigate who these IPs belonged to.”

The strange part is, now that Meghna has spoken about her case to television channels, the Cyber cops are busy giving statements about her case to the Press.

The hacker who got Meghna Naidu ‘pregnant’!

Meow !?!

Actress Meghna Naidu complained to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell in Mumbai this week, about a hacker who got her ‘pregnant’.

Unknown to the actress, a hacker had breached her Gmail account a few weeks ago and was chatting away with her friends, falsely claiming that Meghna ‘was pregnant from a fling with a guy whose name she couldn’t remember’ and that she ‘needed advice’. How imaginative!

But when this impersonator said hello to the actresses’ ex-publicist Dale Bhagwagar on the chat, the PR specialist sensed something fishy about the way Meghna was chatting. “PRs specialize in understanding the psyche of their clients. I take special efforts and time to comprehend how each client thinks, feels, behaves and talks. This person on chat had a subtle devilish sarcasm, and as I know Meghna, she’s cool and clear, but hardly sarcastic,” said the publicist. So immediately after the chat, Dale called her residence to verify if it was Meghna on the chat, and her parents told him, she had gone for her yoga class.

When the actress returned the call an hour later, she was shocked to learn about the conversation. Meghna said, “I was paranoid when I checked my Google chats. This imposter had been chatting with a lot my friends and claimed I was pregnant out of a fling. To add to this craziness, he wrote, I’d forgotten the name of the guy who made me pregnant. All this bogus talk was insane and scary.”

The publicist calmed the horrified actress and guided her to change her email privacy settings and escorted her to the Crime Branch the next morning. “We complained at the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell. Sadly and strangely, the cops there didn’t seem to be much interested about my case,” lamented Meghna. “I hope they are able to track the hacker,” she added.