Kashmera Shah wants to go the Angelina Jolie way!

The latest to be hit by the calorie consciousness bug is Bollywood bombshell Kashmera Shah. Not to be left behind in the eating-right-routine, Kash has started living on fruits and salads.

Yes! You heard it right. “Mornings are for fruits and juices, afternoons for raw greens, and evenings are for”, what else, but “more raw greens,” she quips with a wink. Ooh la la!



If this goes on, we wonder what’ll happen to her famous curves! Kash seems to have that too, all sorted out! She gorges on brown bread and butter after the greens! Oh oh! Butter after greens? Then what’s the use of the entire strict regimen? “One needs some fats and carbohydrates too, to balance things out in the body, isn’t it,” she retorts. Ah, yes! We simply forgot.

“Even if I can match up to Angelina Jolie’s hot-bod, I’ll be happy,” says Kash. All this, while chewing up on lots of iceberg lettuce and baby spinach, with a few slices of tomato and cucumber thrown on top, with sprinkled Italian seasoning at her favourite snack-spot Indigo; the upmarket restaurant in Andheri, Mumbai.

Kashmera Shah’s play goes the Hollywood way!

Many movies have shot two to three different endings and climax sequences and decided which one to add in their projects at the last minute.

It’s a common practice in Hollywood to shoot two movie endings, take the opinions of focus groups and a cross section of people and retain the one more accepted. Bollywood too has caught up with a similar trend off late.

But what surprises us now is that Kashmera Shah’s latest play Tere Ghar Ke Samne has adopted a similar practice, albeit with a difference.

Over a few summer Sundays spread across weeks, Kash’s play has been running to packed houses at various theatre outlets, while experimenting with not two, but three different endings. Almost every week, the viewers get to see a different climax to her play. Whoa!

What’s more! What started as a one-off experiment is now becoming the norm. “Earlier we thought we’d do this for a couple of weeks and then stick to the end the audiences find the best. But this experimenting process gets the actors and audiences alike so kicked, that we are continuing with it,” reveals Kash.

Thanks to this, a select percentage of audiences have even returned for an extra round of the play, just to see how it will end in their second outing. We are often amazed how you manage to begin such whacky trends Kash, but it’s cool as long as you continue to amuse and entertain. More power to you and your wackiness girl!

Kashmera Shah counts her benefits after Delhi robbery!

The hoity-toity Kashmera Shah is a happy girl once again! Her belongings, including her handbag and credit cards were stolen from her car while she was shooting for Channel [V]’s show Steal Ur Girlfriend in Delhi last week. But now, the channel and the show’s production house Random Productions, has gifted her a brand new bright red DKNY handbag.


“They felt bad that the robbery took place outside their office and also the fact that I had not complained about it to them at all,” said Kashmera. “In fact, I spent an hour blocking my credit cards and the moment the last one was blocked, I smiled and said ‘let’s shoot’.”


“The production guys thought I would remain upset the whole day, but when they saw me shooting with a smile, they decided to compensate a bit for my loss,” she adds, delighted at their thoughtful gesture.


But one thing Kash still regrets about the robbery, is losing a precious ring that her boyfriend Krushna had gifted her. “That’s one thing which pained me a lot,” she rues. But Krushna being her knight in shining armour, has promised to buy her a better one this Valentines. No wonder, Kash is on cloud nine, and can’t stop counting her benefits from the robbery!

Kashmera Shah turns into a man!

As if beating up a contestant while shooting her latest reality show Steal Ur Girlfriend for Channel [V] wasn’t enough, Kashmera Shah, who anchors it in true-blue chick-flick style, has now turned into a man for it.


Yes! You heard it right! Kash has disguised herself as a guy for the latest episode of the show! Ask her why and she shoots, “Sometimes you have to think like the enemy to win the war. I am not interested in small relationship battles, but more in knowing what makes the men think and behave in a certain way.”


“Moreover, some girls are pretty stubborn and can only be convinced by men. Hence, I had to disguise myself to fool one such girl and give her the much-needed advice from a ‘man’.”

Steal Ur Girlfriend has Kashmera playing a guiding angel, helping out helpless lovers turn from zeroes to heroes and steal girlfriends of other guys!


Whether the contestant finally took Kash’s advice or not is to be seen, but more than that it’ll be fun to check out how her smarty-pants boyfriend Krushna reacts when he watches the show and finds out that she actually raided his wardrobe for playing the part of a man.


“Krushna is always borrowing my wigs to play a gal on Comedy Circus, so I’ve got back at him by flicking some of his clothes,” winks Kash. “But I guess, when Krushna sees me on air, he would feel proud. Even as a man, I look sexier than any other man”.


Kashmera Shah beats up reality show contestant!

It’s been quite some time Kashmera Shah has been done and over with Rakhi Sawant and Bigg Boss, but the gal still seems to have a strong hangover from the House of Scandal. While shooting her latest reality show Steal Ur Girlfriend for Channel [V], Kash, who anchors it in true-blue chick-flick style, actually beat up a contestant called Atirek Sharma.

Reason? “The guy just didn’t understand how to sweep a girl off her feet,” Kash snaps, as if justifying her actions.

Hitting Atirek Sharma on his head, Kash got so involved in the show’s proceedings that she started laughing an evil laughter while punching the poor guy who didn’t know whether to cry or get turned on as Kash was right on top of him. As the baffled contestant took a breather, she looked him in the eye, gave a wicked stare and ruffled his hair like a mischievous kid.

Gosh! What on earth was on Kash’s mind? Or she just lost it? When asked, she cattily winks and says she has always beaten up men in her life. “If you beat them up properly and lay them well, you can walk all over them all your life.” Huh!

Channel [V]’s synopsis of the show reads: ‘Kashmera plays an angel in disguise, helping out helpless lovers turn from zeroes to heroes and steal girlfriends of other guys!’

Yeah, that’s being naughty enough! But if this is Kash’s definition of being an ‘angel’ to the contestants, imagine what could happen, if Kash decides to play ‘devil’ for a change someday. Wonder if her smarty-pants boyfriend Krushna wants to say something here!!

Kashmera Shah hits headlines

Kashmera Shah hit headlines this week…. being featured in Delhi Times as well as HT City (both Page 1 leads) on the same day.

Images from Kashmera Shah’s calendar

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Kashmera Shah-Krushna patch up on Valentines!

What didn’t happen in Love Lockup, happened at Valentines! Kashmera Shah and Krushna finally realized the futility of their tu-tu-main-main and decided to hug and forgive.


Back to being a couple, their sweet nothings made the right noises too, with them doing a couple shows for Valentines Day.


But even as the couple is getting lovey-dovey once again, a little birdie tells us that Kashmera is preparing to shoot for a super-sexy and outrageous calendar, something as bold as she has never done before, Krushna is dead against the overexposure. Oh God, abhi toh dosti hui hai!


We know you are the daredevil types Kash, but go slow with love. Having said that, we never mind a hot hot calendar anytime (wink).

Are Kashmera Shah and Krushna headed for a split?

Rumours are rife that Bollywood firebrand Kashmera Shah is on the verge of a break-up with her longtime boyfriend Krushna (Govinda’s nephew).


This comes as a surprise as the couple was going steady from quite some. In fact, they’d also made big news for their lovey-dovey lip-lock at a party some time ago.

When confronted with the question, the normally bold and fearless Kashmera said, “I’m not sure where our relationship is going. All I can say is, we’ve had great times in the past.”


Now, now! That’s a very subdued reply from a girl who is known to speak her mind. Wonder what’s going wrong between the lovebirds. Let’s just hope they sort out their differences. After all, love is a season always in vogue.