STOP PRESS: Casanova Ashmit beats superstar Manoj in Bigg Boss!

God punishes Manoj Tiwari

When Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel was pitted opposite Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari for nominations in Bigg Boss this week, Manoj had gloated in the reality show saying, Ashmit was no match for him.


An egoistic Manoj even went on to bad mouth and criticize Ashmit. He raked up the old MMS issue, insisting that nobody liked him. But now, facts and figures have proved otherwise. The viewers have voted for Ashmit.

In a surprising twist of events, the Bhojpuri superstar has had to face an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the upcoming actor. “Mr Tiwari underestimated the power of youth. The youngsters connect with Ashmit, Veena Malik and Sara Khan, not with Mr Tiwari’s back-biting,” said Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar.


“While Ashmit was continuously gaining new fans for his friendship with Veena Malik, Aanchal Kumar and Pamela Anderson (earning himself the title of India’s First Casanova), his tussle with Dolly Bindra, his caring for Sara Khan, his bonding with Ali Merchant and Hrishant Goswami and for his honesty and straight-forward nature, Mr Tiwari had become vindictive towards him. So God punished Mr Tiwari,” remarked Bhagwagar.

It is noteworthy that the public has saved Ashmit thrice from the nominations uptil now. Reminds us of the old Rajesh Khanna number:

‘Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai.

Aji andar kya hai, Aji bahar kya hai,

Yeh sab kuchh pehchaanti hai.

Yeh chaahe to sar pe bitha le,

Chaahe phenk de neeche,

Pehle yeh peechhe bhaage,

Phir bhaago iss ke peechhe.

Arre dil toote toh, Arre yeh roothe toh,

Taubaa kahaan phir maanti hai.

Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai.

Kya neta kya abhineta, De janta ko jo dhokha,

Pal mein shohrat, Udd jaaye jyon,

Ek pawan ka jhonka.

Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai!’


STOP PRESS: ‘God will punish Manoj Tiwari’

Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari may be expected to overpower Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel in the nomination votes of Bigg Boss, but the latter’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar has claimed that in the last two months, Manoj has “lost fans at the same pace Ashmit has gained them.”

The PR specialist who has earlier handled the publicity for Shilpa Shetty through the thick and thin of the Big Brother racism controversy, said, “Mr Tiwari has been consistently criticizing and back-biting Ashmit and others on the show. His taunting words and vindictive attitude for Ashmit was crystal clear when he even tried to rake up the old MMS issue this week.”

“Mr Tiwari arrogantly claims, he can get away with votes, as he commands a huge fan following in Bhojpuri cinema. But I feel, his politics and over-confidence might backfire. God will punish him,” Bhagwagar commented, hinting that he was confident of Ashmit and his newly acquired fan following.

‘Manoj Tiwari has defamed Ashmit Patel’

Ashmit Patel’s publicist is distraught with the remarks made by Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari on the reality show Bigg Boss this week. He has stated that the comments are “not only unwarranted, but downright defamatory and made with the intent to generate cheap mileage to last longer in the Bigg Boss House.”


Referring to Ashmit, Manoj said on the show, “Ganda hai… sa#@ dil ka… Matlab iss ghar mein agar koi sabse ma#@*%$*# … ek sadela aadmi hai… toh woh aadmi (Ashmit) hai. Kyonki dekho usne kya kiya apne life mein… girlfriend banaya… jiski usne video banake market mein de di.” [He (Ashmit) is smutty… (swearing)… from his heart. If there is one person in this House who is the most… (swearing again)… rotten man… that is him (Ashmit). He made a girlfriend… made her video and circulated it in the market].


Reacting to Manoj Tiwari’s insulting jibes, Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Mr Tiwari has repeatedly raked up Ashmit’s old MMS issue on Bigg Boss, falsely alleging that Ashmit had deliberately spread the MMS.”


“Distorting facts in his conversations with other participants including Shweta Tiwari, Sameer Soni and The Great Khali, Mr Tiwari has vilified Ashmit and portrayed him in bad light behind his back. In fact, Mr Tiwari seems hell bent on tarnishing Ashmit’s image with his constant defamatory remarks about him,” added Bhagwagar.


It can be recalled that Ashmit Patel, on the very first day of the show, had categorically denied his involvement in spreading the MMS. In front of all the participants in the Bigg Boss House, he had narrated how the said personal video clip lying on his mobile phone, unknowingly got leaked out, when he gave his phone for repairs and how he had become a victim of circumstances.


The drama escalates between Manoj Tiwari and Ashmit Patel, as the very popular Bhojpuri superstar and the much smaller Bollywood actor, are the only two contestants nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss, this weekend.


“Mr Tiwari holds tremendous influence with the audiences because of his superstardom in Bhojpuri cinema. Does such slander against an upcoming actor like Ashmit, suit a man of Mr Tiwari’s clout and stature,” asked Ashmit’s publicist.

PATEL RAP! : Ashmit Patel turns singer; relives his past!

Ashmit Patel is back from the dead… almost. After a long sabbatical, the dude is returning – this time with a song which exposes his life thread bare.

Be it his times with Murder co-star Mallika Sherawat, his efforts to pull his family back together, or the scandalous MMS which rocked his life and took away his love, Ashmit has poured his heart out – all in a song.

Yes! The actor has turned singer, with a single to be released on the Internet this week. But mind you, he is no Devdas! Having completed a video for the song, Ashmit is ‘rapping’ away his pain.

A sneak-peak at a stanza of the Hinglish lyrics reveals the actors trauma and his belated, yet confident attempt to finally face the past.

“Poochte hain log hamesha ye sawaal,

Kahan tha, kya kar raha tha, main itne saal,

Something or the other just kept falling out of place,

A leaked MMS, blame and shame, slapped on my face…”

When asked about the song, Ashmit gets reflective. “I’ve been through a lot of pain and I was always judged for my silence. They say, if you relive your past, you deal with it. This song and its upcoming video is actually a medium for me to express my true self, be it creatively or emotionally,” says the actor, as if, trying to find that elusive light at the end of a dark tunnel.

He makes it a point to add, “I’m not giving up. In fact, I’m more determined than ever, to be proactive and fight back. The song marks a new beginning for me and God willing, you’ll see a lot more of me soon”.

For the musical foray, Ashmit’s teamed up with IshQ Bector, the mad-max music import from Canada providing the composition, while the video is being directed by Anubhav Anand (of ‘Perfect Mismatch’ fame), with lyrics penned by Anubhav, Ashmit and Sonny Ravan.

Apart from this, the actor is gung-ho about two of his forthcoming movies ‘The Flag’ and an international flick called ‘Florida Road’, which are scheduled for release early next year.

Now let’s see if the debonair manages a smooth second coming!