JHAGDE – ishQ Bector & Rakhi Sawant [THE OFFICIAL VIDEO]

ishQ attracts Rakhi Sawant’s ire!

India’s mad-max music import from Canada, ishQ Bector, has a dangerous secret. Since the singer-composer loved Sherlyn Chopra’s boy-cut look in Bigg Boss last month, he decided to experiment the ‘same’ on her arch rival Rakhi Sawant, for the video of his new music album ‘Jhagde’. And a naïve Rakhi has innocently fallen for his game.

Now it wasn’t long ago that Rakhi and Sherlyn fought like wild cats, after the latter quipped, “How can people compare a Mercedes Benz with a Nano”. Rakhi didn’t take the Nano tag too kindly, and went on national television claiming that Sherlyn was “using” her name for “cheap publicity”.

When Rakhi did the ishQ Bector video of ‘Jhagde’, she least realised, the music man’s mischief would cost her a ‘copycat tag’.

ishQ tries to justify, “Though Sherlyn’s look was the seed, it’s blossomed into a lovely flower, with Rakhi surpassing expectations. The brand new Rakhi is looking hotter than ever before and Sherlyn’s no match for her.”

With Pen Audio releasing the album’s first video next week, ishQ’s dirty secret is going to be out of the bag. Tch tch!! When Rakhi comes to know of it, we can expect fireworks from the firebrands… or should we say, jordaar jhagde!

ishQ Bector to launch Rakhi Sawant’s hi-glam avatar

ishQ Bector, India’s mad-max music import from Canada, will now launch our very own Rakhi Sawant in an all-new hi-glam avatar, next week.

The title track of ishQs latest album ‘Jhagde’ to be released on Pen Audio, will witness the metamorphosis of Rakhi Sawant. “The spunky brand, known for her bold and brazen personality attracting mass appeal, will now be seen in a completely classy, upmarket trendy look and style,” informs ishQ.

Her new look comprises of boy-cut hair (ah, is Sherlyn Chopra listening!), jazzy tops right out from a Karan Johar movie and the hottest hot-pants to compliment them.

“We’re taking her cattiness to the next level,” quips ishQ. The composer, who also sings and performs for his videos (most of them having crazy shocking antics and scandalous lyrics), is best known for his hit video track “Aye Hip Hopper”, “Karle Gunaah” from the movie ‘Ugly Aur Pagli’, “You Got Me Rockin and Reeling” from ‘Billu Barber’, the title track of ‘Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam’ and rap-vocals for ‘Race’.

In this new video of “Jhagde”, the Sawant babe will be seen coming to blows with ishQ in a freestyle boxing match. Gosh! Who wins it and how is still a mystery. But Rakhi, full of excitement about her new chic look, laughs and hits hard, “If ishQ thinks he will get away with the ‘jhagde’, he’s sorely mistaken. Even with a hip look, I can beat the Hip Hopper black and blue in any boxing match.”

Round One begins next week.