Ashok Chaudhary CRUSHES Kangana Ranaut’s nepotism debate with The Music In My Blood

Bollywood has been raging with the debate on nepotism ever since Kangana Ranaut struck uneasy chords about it in her confrontation with Karan Johar. Talking about how the Indian film industry has a bias towards talent born into industry families, she begun a discussion which refuses to die. But amidst all the mud-slinging on the topic, one never imagined it would be portrayed in the form of a story.

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But that’s what theatre and film actor Ashok Chaudhary’s character in the American Off-Broadway play The Music In My Blood is all about. The play has the Indian-American playing a character of Vikram; an aspiring singer who does not belong to any affluent musical family, but dreams of becoming a famous singer like the yesteryear greats Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar.


“Vikram goes through the journey of a careless student hailing from a lower strata of society, persevering to learn Hindustani classical music and finally transforming himself into a great musician,” informs Ashok.


“His character redefines the play’s title The Music in My Blood and proves that one does not have to be born in an artistic family to be a great performer. With sheer talent and dedication, the character proves that nepotism can be crushed,” he adds.

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Interestingly, the play’s narration is creatively moved forward in the form of a ghost of Walter Kaufmann, a Jewish refugee to India during the Second World War, who gave India the iconic All India Radio signature tune and fell in love with the music of the land.

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Ashok is touched by the audience response. “After the play, viewers come up to me in a very emotional state, some even with moist eyes. They identify with the character which seems to rake up their pent up emotions and unfulfilled dreams. Such a soul-stirring response is heart-warming and heartbreaking at the same time,” remarks Ashok.


He will next be seen playing a spy in Eshwar Gunturu’s Bollywood film Code Name Abdul which stars Tanishaa Mukerji in the lead.

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Anupam Kher finds Arjumman Mughal promising

For an upcoming actress to get praise from a super-talent like Anupam Kher is quite a moment of thrill and joy. And that’s what Arjumman Mughal experienced when she attended a theatre screening of Kher’s new play Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha.

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Kher praised the actress saying, “She’s a very fine actor and a good dancer. Given a suitable chance she can prove her worth.” The veteran’s words mattered even more to Arjumman as she has been trained under his acting school Actor Prepares and considers him a mentor.

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It can be noted that the actress was acclaimed for her performance in her first film Ya Rab. With its tagline ‘Jihad against terrorism’, the film was endorsed and released by Mahesh Bhatt; a mentor to Anupam Kher.

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Arjumman also bagged the ‘Shaurya Award for Bravery and Excellence’ and ‘Humlog Award’ for her performance in the film.

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She will next be seen in Pradeep Goinsikar’s Tera Kya Hoga Lambodar, in which she plays a superstar, while her co-star Pawan Malhotra essays the role of a director, and Sanjeev Tiwari plays an actor.