Sonali Raut will not forgo her dignity for TRPs

 Sonali Raut - Pic 25 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

As Bigg Boss 8 moves from one week to another, a lot of eyes are falling on the lissome Sonali Raut. While the suave Gautam Gulati seems to be head-over-heels for the diva, the other guys too, are in hushed awe of the couple.

But Gautam’s extra attention towards the beauty, could be brewing jealousy and indifference in some. Like, Ali Quli Mirza has begun lecturing Sonali on how she should behave with Gautam on national television.

 Sonali Raut - Pic 24 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

This week, he reminded her that unlike Housemate Upen Patel who is from UK, Sonali is a homebred Indian and should give thought to her conservative culture. He advised her against hobnobbing with a flirty Gautam, who had a stint with Diandra Soreas in the first week of the show.

In a way, Ali may be right. Because there are times we find Gautam talking lightly about Sonali behind her back. It makes us wonder, if he is commodifying her. Though, the couple have also been a support to each other, whenever the rest of the Housemates have ganged up against them.

 Sonali Raut - Pic 23 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“It’s nice of Ali to caution Sonali. But then, she is a new-age hip and open-minded girl. At the same time, ethical and strong-headed too,” says her publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “The guys don’t know what stuff Sonali is made of. But let me assure you, the girl knows her limits and knows them well. She will not forgo her dignity for TRPs,” he remarks.

“Sonali won’t be susceptible to anyone, unless conned,” adds the PR specialist. Now, now! Isn’t that exactly the worry?

Aarya Babbar to release a fiction novel after Bigg Boss

Aarya Babbar seems to be a man of many shades. An actor, director, lover… and now even a writer. Yes! You heard it right. Soon after Bigg Boss, ‘Babbar sher’ (as he is fondly called) plans to release a fiction novel, whose name is being kept under wraps.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 13 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“Aarya was down with jaundice a while ago and that’s when he finished writing a book within three months of conceptualizing it. It will be released by Penguin Books India,” informs his publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

Actually, the thought of penning a novel had been lingering with him from quite some time. But he was too busy with his Punjabi films to dedicate time to it earlier.

One of the successful Punjabi films Aarya acted in, co-starred another Bigg Boss contestant Minissha Lamba. Recently, there was quite a hullabaloo on the reality show, when Aarya revealed that Minissha is actually his past girlfriend.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 12 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

We also hear that the book has a mischievous title. Then, is the so-called ‘fictional’ book ‘inspired’ by his ‘real life’? “All I can say is that an airplane (which is also the theme of Bigg Boss Season 8), plays an important part in his book,” mentions Dale.

“Even on the show, Aarya has maintained that he finds an airplane a very romantic place,” observes the PR specialist, who seems to be using a co-branding tactic for the book with Bigg Boss.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 2 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

Aarya is perhaps the only actor to pen a fiction novel, instead of writing on a subject revolving around Bollywood. Few are aware that he has enjoyed his flings with the pen since the tender age of fourteen.

He’s been writing poems, has scripted a play called Gorky+Tinku Ke Kaarnaame, and has even written a graphic novel titled Pushpak Vimaan.

Aarya did not speak to Minissha Lamba’s family, clarifies Juhi Babbar

The Aarya Babbar-Minissha Lamba Bigg Boss controversy is getting more and more intriguing with time. And everyone including Housemates, Twitterati and sections of the media are wanting to encash on it.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 9 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

This has not gone well with Aarya’s sister Juhi Babbar, who has stated that she was misquoted in the media. A section of the media quoted Juhi saying, “Before the show, he (Aarya) had even spoken to Minissha and her family on the phone. He promised them that he would take care of her and never nominate her.” (sic)

Juhi clarifies, “That is a quote carried out of context and thus incorrect. Aarya did not speak to Minissha on his own. Since she called him and messaged him umpteen times, he returned her calls once or twice. He did not make the first move, neither did he bring it up in Bigg Boss.”

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 5 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

She adds, “Though Aarya had decided not to nominate her as she was his friend, he did not speak to her family, as mentioned in the article.”

“After Aarya revealed that it was Minissha who had made several calls and sent several messages to him before their entry into Bigg Boss, it has become clear once again that Aarya did not plan to plot from his side,” remarks Aarya’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 3 (Image courtesy - Internet)

Minissha had falsely accused him of planning to plot a “romance” in the House, which did not go well with Aarya, who flared up and revealed his past with Minissha on the show. When provoked beyond tolerance, Aarya clarified on Bigg Boss that she was actually his girlfriend in the past, and it was he who also recommended her name for Bigg Boss. But he stressed that he did not plot a “romance” as she incorrectly claimed.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 2 (Image courtesy - Internet)

Earlier, Dale had mentioned that he had reminded and advised Aarya to abide by the rules of Bigg Boss, which do not permit a connect between speculated contestants prior to the show. But the Bollywood PR specialist had also pointed out that Aarya had told him, Minissha kept calling and messaging him, despite him ignoring her. This made him call her back out of courtesy; a fact he revealed on Bigg Boss this week.

SHOCKING: Aarya Babbar CRUCIFIED for bringing out the ‘REALITY’

“What is wrong in speaking the truth? What is wrong in admitting the past? Isn’t Bigg Boss a ‘REALITY’ show? Then why is Aarya Babbar being EXPECTED to HIDE the REALITY on it?”, questioned Aarya’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar, in response to the Housemates and select Twitterati blaming the Bollywood actor for revealing his past relationship with actress and ex-co-star Minissha Lamba on television.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 13 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“Why is Aarya being crucified for speaking the truth?,” reiterates Dale. “If a lady admits her past, it is fine. But if a guy admits it — that too, in a gentlemanly manner; and when provoked and asked — it is labeled as beizzati (disrespectful). Isn’t that double standards?”, asks the public relations specialist.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 3 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

In a clarification last week, Dale had already mentioned about Aarya having told him that Minissha was desperately trying to meet and discuss Bigg Boss with him before the show rolled.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 2 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

He had even said, Aarya could show phone call records and messages to the media, to prove this when he comes out. When questioned about their equation, Dale had even mentioned, “They had a thing for each other in the past.” Now Aarya has said the same things on Bigg Boss, establishing that his PR had the facts in place all along.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 2 (Image courtesy - Internet)

After an outburst on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan, Aarya revealed that his relationship with Minissha had ended on a sour note, but they preferred to stay cordial with each other.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha lamba in Heer & Hero. - Pic 2

Aarya must have really been fond of Minissha, which is why, when he was asked by the Bigg Boss team before the show, if he wanted to recommend anyone else, he had taken Minissha’s name (another fact he revealed on the show). Little did he know that she would bad-mouth him behind his back and even call him a “Thali Ka Baingan” (a disloyal and fickle-minded person) on Bigg Boss; which led to his flare up.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 1 (Image courtesy - Internet)

What can we say! If one is chided by the Housemates and public for speaking the truth on a ‘reality’ show, others may attempt to hide truth in future!

Sonali Raut perseveres despite four accidents in Bigg Boss

Sonali Raut - Pic 27 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

If there is one contestant in Bigg Boss Season 8, from whom others could take a lesson in determination and team spirit, it is undoubtedly Bollywood actress Sonali Raut.

The Xpose heroine met not with one, two or three, but four consecutive accidents in Bigg Boss, when she repeatedly fell on slippery vehicular fuel, which had dripped on a thin parapet, while doing the TVS Scooty Zest 110 task opposite Soni Singh.

 Sonali Raut - Pic 24 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

But to everyone’s surprise, each and every time she fell with a solid hurting thud on her hips and back, Sonali sportingly got up without making a fuss about her pain and continued the task.

“In Bigg Boss, Sonali has constantly shown what real women of substance are made of. She has proved that she’s not only a diva, but also the most determined Housemate, in a uniquely calm and restrained way,” remarks her proud publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

“With the kind of deadly falls she underwent, someone else in her place would have cribbed, cried and done a lot of drama, apart from giving up on the task midway. But not Sonali. Isse kehte hai, winner material,” he beams.

 Sonali Raut - Pic 26 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

In fact, after Sonali slipped for the fourth time, Minissha Lamba even suggested that they should stop the task while Sushant Divgikar rushed to her and gave a tight hug.

 Sonali Raut - Pic 25 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“The thuds were terrible and we all saw it. But look at Sonali’s spirit and guts. She got up every time she fell and continued, until the task ending buzzer went off,” Dale points out, “just hoping, she hasn’t hurt herself with any deep tissue or bone injury”.

So true! Sonali may have lost the task to Soni Singh, but emerged as the real winner in the eyes of the viewers.

Aarya Babbar VINDICATED in Minissha Lamba’s false allegations on Bigg Boss

Aarya Babbar - Pic 6 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani ho gaya. Aarya Babbar stands vindicated in Bigg Boss,” celebrated the actor’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar, as Aarya echoed his defensive words from the last two days, on India’s No. 1 reality show.

With the clarification coming in the form of an outburst against Minissha Lamba, Aarya freed himself from Minissha’s serious allegations that he tried to plot a “romance” with her for Bigg Boss. When Minissha had accused Aarya, Dale was quick to point out in the outside world, that it was not  Aarya, but Minissha, who had actually planned to plot.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 11 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“Aarya had told me that Minissha was desperately trying to meet and discuss Bigg Boss with him before entering. Even though I was also in touch with Minissha regarding PR, I reminded Aarya that BB rules do not permit a connect between speculated contestants before the show,” said the Bollywood PR specialist.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 4 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

He added, “I advised him to maintain a strict distance with Minissha till he entered the House. Aarya completely understood and agreed to it. However, he told me, Minissha kept calling and messaging him.”

When Dale was asked about the couple’s intimacy, he admitted, “They had a thing for each other in the past”. Now, Aarya has himself revealed on the show that he has earlier been with Minissha for six to seven months. This was during the time they worked together in the popular Punjabi film Heer & Hero.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 4 (Image courtesy - Internet)

Two days ago, in a private discussion with Deepshikha, behind Aarya’s back, Minissha instead, turned things around and put the ‘plotting’ allegation on Aarya.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 2 (Image courtesy - Internet)

Yesterday, one of Dale’s earlier PR-clients Hrithik Roshan visited the Bigg Boss House, to celebrate the success of Bang Bang with the Housemates. When he casually asked Minissha, who she felt was the “Thali ka baingan” (fickle-minded person) of the House, she took Aarya’s name.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 1 (Image courtesy - Internet)

Aarya could not tolerate this anymore. As Hrithik left, he agitatedly confided in Karishma Tanna how Minissha had kept calling and messaging him before the show rolled, even while he was shooting in high-altitude Ladakh for Bangistan, produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar.

Aarya Babbar had no time for Minissha Lamba before Bigg Boss!

Following Minissha Lamba’s allegation that Aarya Babbar wanted to plan and plot a fake romance with her on Bigg Boss before they entered, Aarya’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar has vehemently denied her claims.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha lamba in Heer & Hero. - Pic 2

Dale goes on to inform, “Before entering Bigg Boss, Aarya was shooting in Poland for Bangistan produced by Ritesh Wadhwani and Farhan Akhtar. After that, he went to participate in another schedule of the movie in Ladakh. When he returned to Mumbai two days before the reality show rolled, he went shopping for some new clothes and accessories to wear in Bigg Boss.”

“Then, just a day before entering the House, he rushed to an early morning 6am shift to complete some of his remaining portions for Bangistan. Next day, he started packing his two red bags at 3am before he left for the Bigg Boss House in Lonavla. Where did he have the time to plan and plot with Minissha?”

Aarya Babbar and Minissha lamba in Heer & Hero. - Pic 3

“By the time I first met Aarya, the names of both the Bollywood actors were speculated by the media. In fact, I was already in touch with six to seven people, including Minissha, who later entered the show,” informs the PR specialist.

“Aarya told me, Minissha was desperately calling and messaging him to discuss Bigg Boss. But I reminded him that Bigg Boss rules do not permit a connect between probable contestants and he completely understood and agreed,” reveals Dale.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 1 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“Aarya and Minissha have worked together in the popular Punjabi film Heer & Hero and have shared an intimate bond in the past. So it would have been emotionally troubling for him to ignore her messages.”