Actress Soma Mangnaanii to produce TV series on beauty secrets


Ever wondered how Rekha has managed to look enigmatically young throughout her life! What does Katrina Kaif do to be the best bod in Bollywood! What is it that makes Sonam Kapoor seem to have a flawless complexion! And what is the secret behind that neighbourhood bombshell who attracts stares and glares as she steps out of her house!


Actress Soma Mangnaanii who was seen in the popular Zee TV show Jabb Love Hua, plans bring some of the most exciting revelations about beauty behind stars and laymen alike, with a television series on beauty secrets.


While she is in talks with production houses as well as channels for the show, Soma reveals that “the unique part about the series is that it’s going to take the viewer back in time, when beauty was not only about looking hot and sexy, but also a thing about the feeling from within.”


The actress is also the Secretary for BJP’s Sindhi Cell in Bandra, Mumbai. She earlier contested the local polls as an independent candidate from Bandra locality, and even hopes to represent the party in the upcoming BMC elections in February 2017.


Apart from acting and politics, the multi-faceted Soma dabbles in painting, designing, luxury brands and runs an NGO called Muktangan International Foundation. She has also hosted the horse-racing programme The Winning Post on Ten Sports, done advertisements, Bollywood events, music videos, and even acted in the Kollywood superhit Lesa Lesa directed by Priyadarshan.

Shahid, Sonam, Ayushmann praise Mandana Karimi on Bigg Boss

After a week of standing for what she believes in, Bigg Boss 9 housemate Mandana Karimi got loads of accolades for her looks too.

Actor Shahid Kapoor who entered the Bigg Boss House with Alia Bhatt for the promotion of Shaandaar, told the housemates that people outside are quite enamoured by Mandana’s looks. Akash Soni, senior anchor from IBN 7, Delhi, broke into a Persian poetry song for her and called Mandana “the only realistic and honest person in the House.”

Mandana Karimi - Pic 17 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

Even Sonam Kapoor, who joined Salman for the promotion of their movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, judged Mandana her favourite. She praised the Iranian import for improving her Hindi and making good rajma (kidney beans) on the show.

As if that was not enough, actor Ayushmann Khurrana who was also a guest on the weekend episodes, applauded her for “understanding the Bigg Boss game and planning the best.” Salman retorted in jest that Ayushmann was calling her “manipulative” and “scheming”, but Mandana said that going by the format of the show, she takes Ayushmann’s comment as a compliment.

Mandana Karimi - Pic 11 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“I have asked Mandana to be herself on the show; but expressive and assertive in difficult times. And that is exactly how she is facing the situations inside. Am proud of her grit and determination,” tweeted her publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

“We have seen the brainy and strong side of Mandana, but she also has a very emotional as well as glamourous side,” he revealed on social media, indicating that she is still an unexplored package on Bigg Boss.

Meanwhile, the highlights of the next episode showed the gutsy gal countering her partner Keith Sequeira, who she is tied up with. “I’m not going to get brainwashed by you,” she was heard telling Keith during a task.