Will Nihita’s ‘tears’ on Day 1 prove ‘lucky’ for Bigg Boss?

The house of scandal, Bigg Boss, has already started buzzing with controversies and secrets falling out of its bag. So much so that the very first day inside the House saw a flurry of activity including tears from ‘Bikini Killer’ Charles Shobraj’s Nepalese wife Nihita Biswas.

The 22-year-old Nihita had to answer some tough questions from other Housemates about her recent marriage with the 67-year-old convicted criminal Shobraj, who is currently lodged in a Nepal prison.

Catching her off guard, the Housemates even asked her if she had “sex” with Shobraj. In the end, Nihita broke down, saying, “These are happy tears. I can die in his (Sobhraj’s) arms. I could die standing on the other side of the bars of his prison. We are just demanding a fair trial. It is a basic thing that we are asking for. He has been illegally convicted and been kept as a hostage. We would challenge the verdict in another court”

“Like a season’s first showers, the shedding of tears on Day 1 inside the Bigg Boss House have proved ‘lucky’ for the reality show,” remarks Bollywood publicist and Bigg Boss specialist Dale Bhagwagar. “Even last year, Ashmit Patel broke down on the very first day, which kick-started the debates, followed by one controversy after another, taking the show to dizzying heights amidst national and international glare. Let’s see how much ‘luck’ this year’s ‘tears’ bring to Bigg Boss.”

For the record, Nihita’s husband Sobhraj, who is of Indian and Vietnamese origin, has been nicknamed ‘the serpent’ and ‘the bikini killer’ for his skills at deception and evasion. Believed to be a charming personality and cunning psychopath, he has allegedly committed at least 12 murders throughout Southeast Asia during the 70s, targeting mostly Western tourists.

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