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Keeping up with the changing times, we have undergone a paradigm shift. 

We work via cloud networking now, only with our highly-experienced long-existing team of reps. Thus there is no provision for a job opportunity in our PR agency at the moment. 


We select bright Mass Media students for unpaid cloud internships.

Our unpaid cloud internships are based on work-from-home projects, assigned mainly to students studying Journalism and/or Public Relations.

On satisfactorily clearing the internships, students are presented with a Certificate and a Letter of Appreciation.

Content Generation opportunity for students

A student whose articles are published definitely garners more credibility than others, and stands a better chance of acquiring jobs in media houses and PR, advertising and marketing agencies.

Keeping this in mind, we give an opportunity to talented students who are good at writing content in the form of PR articles and news features on various topics revolving around Bollywood and entertainment PR.

Though the news articles are unpaid (no remuneration), the best ones are published on select websites and the authors/writers may even get a byline for the same.

Projects by students

If a subject/topic interests us, we make ourselves available and share our knowledge with media and communication students for College Projects.

On successful completion of a Project, we may also provide a Letter of Appreciation.



Thesis and dissertation

We are the only Bollywood PR agency who contributes time and energy and shares knowledge with PhD students for their thesis and dissertations.

More than 20 students from various colleges and universities have completed their thesis and dissertation, interviewing Dale Bhagwagar, or having him as their guide for their thesis /dissertations. For more details, click HERE.

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