“It’s good to have people like you in this world, Dale. Otherwise life of many people would be dull.” -Akash Madnani

“Dale is a thorough professional, always dedicated to his job.” -Akbar Khan, veteran filmmaker

” You are the most visionary PR person, someone who knows his job the best. Moreover, your honesty, sincerity and genuine dedication towards your profession makes you stand out. You are indeed an institute of PR in yourself.” -Akhil Rajendra, actor and filmmaker

“Though I am one of Dale’s biggest critics, he is my PR guru. I have learnt so much from him.” -Akshaye Rathi, Film Trade Analyst and movie exhibitor, Rathi Group of Cinemas, CP Berar circuit

“Dale, I just watched all your media bytes on Google. You talk point wise and nail every issue you’re grilled for. Usually, not many who go blah blah on channels impress me! But you are indeed worth every penny paid by your clients. Your language, diction and command over an argument is impressive.” -Ali Haider, Khatron Ke Khiladi contestant

“You are the Max Clifford of India.” -Anushka Bishen, MA in International Public Relations, Cardiff University, Wales (UK)

“I’m so happy with your working style and impressed by your PR work. I would like to hire you throughout my entire career.” -Arjumman Mughal

“You truly amaze me. I wish, someday, I can become like you.” -Arushi Maheshwari, student of Journalism and Mass Communication, Indraprastha University, Delhi

“I appreciate your professionalism and enjoy working with you.” -Ashok Amritraj, veteran Hollywood producer

“I have learnt a lot from Dale. I trust and respect him. He’s my mentor.” -Bhavikk Sangghvi, numerologist and film trade analyst

“It seems, if there is something Dale lacks… its competition. He is not only the best but the most noticeable one. Working from India, he’s manipulated a lot of UK media for Shilpa Shetty. Max Clifford could get jealous.” -Brian Mascherenas, surfer

“I love the way Dale spins stories.” -Chunky Panday

“Dale connects with everyone so effortlessly, which is also why people have no second thoughts about testifying the kind of person he is or the quality of work he does.” -Dhairya Trivedi, student of public relations and corporate communications, Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai

“There can be one Don (Big B), and then there can be another Don (SRK)… but there cannot be another Dale.” -Dipen Dhanak

“I love your 365 days of advice. Since I am fairly new to this industry, I have chosen the people who work with me, mainly on the fact that they are great mentors for me and that I have the best team to create Brand Evelyn Sharma. You are the best in your business. As always, you’re brilliant… the best in your business. That’s why you are my publicist.” -Evelyn Sharma

“PRO Dale Bhagwagar is the God of publicity”. -Faizal Saif, filmmaker

“I have always observed that your actors (PR clients) are popular because of you. It’s not that you are popular because of them. That says a lot. They are lucky to have you.” -Gazal Thakral, actress and Bigg Boss contestant

“Dale, You are the best PR in the market. Freaking awesome and totally worth the money.” -Kashmera Shah and Bigg Boss contestant

“Dale, you’re such a consummate professional. I’m a big fan of your work and style.” -Kate Timperley, Freedom to Create, an international foundation in Singapore that supports artists who use their creativity to effect social change

“The kind of abounding energy and passion Dale has for his work is simply amazing.” -Krishna Shah, veteran filmmaker

“This guy Dale has been a leader of leaders in PR. The way he spins public and media’s perception with his Bigg Boss clients every year is just amazing. #ultimate” -Manoj Vidhyarthi

“Ardent admirer of your art, Dale. You are one hell of a publicist, a maverick.” -Mukul Paul Taneja, author, professor, filmmaker in the United Kingdom and winner of two awards from the President of India

“Dale is a nice person. Very sharp. He has a great smile and sort of twinkly eyes. He looks like a kid in college, but talks like someone possessing the ancient wisdom of five centuries.” -Nandana Sen, actress and daughter of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen

“Dale is the most intelligent PR I’ve come across in Bollywood. And when I have this PR guru with me, what else do I need.” -Neetu Chandra

“You are a very sharp person and that is a great quality in your profession.” -Swami Nithyananda, Godman

“I’ve followed you so much in PR. You are the best. You are like my Dronacharya for all things media.” -Pankit Thakker, television star

“Dale, you are fab at what you do. I’m sure you already know that.” -Pooja Misrra, model and Bigg Boss contestant

“You are the best.” -Pooja Batra

“Sir, you not only have a superb brain but also a wonderful heart. Thanks for all the knowledge and experience you shared at our college. We love you.” -Pooja Meshram, former student, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Pune, and former Assistant Manager, Marketing Communications at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, currently with Tata Consultancy Services, Singapore

“You are one of the best in the business.” -Poojita Chowdhury, filmmaker and social activist

“Our friendship will go a long way. Your advice and experience will always be valued.” -Pravin Talan, fashion and wildlife photographer, photographer for calendars on Indian Armed Forces

“You the magic man, Dale.” -Preetisheel Singh, India’s No.1 makeup, hair and prosthetic designer

“He (Dale) has solid grip over media. It always listens to what he says.” -Rakhi Sawant

“I just Googled this fellow. OMG. He is a rockstar of a PR. Sounds so down-to-earth in this article though!” -Rashmi commenting on an article on Reputation Today website

“Firstly, as a PR professional myself let me just say how much I admire your work 🙂 You have revolutionized image consulting and brand management like never before and I consider you a PR guru in the truest sense of the word. Dale, you are an icon of PR and branding.” -Rinjal Zaveri, Business Development Manager, Insight Property Services

“Dale, you are a perfectionist. I like the way you present your work.” -Rizwan Siddiquee, Siddiquee & Associates, legal eagle to many Bollywood stars

“I know Dale from years, and believe you me, he is one of the most gentle and nice persons I’ve known.” -Rounak Jain, CEO and President at Prolime Host