“Dale, I have read stories about how you saved almost every superstar of today’s generation at times of crisis. I’ve become a big fan of yours. I am not saying this to impress you. I really mean it.” -Aditya Sinha

“It’s good to have people like you in this world, Dale. Otherwise life of many people would be dull.” -Akash Madnani

“Dale is a thorough professional, always dedicated to his job.” -Akbar Khan, veteran filmmaker

” You are the most visionary PR person, someone who knows his job the best. Moreover, your honesty, sincerity and genuine dedication towards your profession makes you stand out. You are indeed an institute of PR in yourself.” -Akhil Rajendra, actor and filmmaker

“You are my guru.” -Akshay Kotian, student at PR Orientation Programme (PROP)

“Though I am one of Dale’s biggest critics, he is my PR Guru. I have learnt so much from him.” -Akshaye Rathi, film trade analyst and movie exhibitor, Rathi Group of Cinemas, CP-Berar circuit

“Dale, you are a lion of a man and a treasure of an ally. I expected excellence, but you exceed all expectations. Your skill and understanding are immensely reassuring. I must say, I’m thrilled with how you listen, understand and respond to my specific requirements with total focus and dedication. It’s been amazing.” -Alex Reece, Hollywood star

“I wanted a publicist in Bollywood, because my movie Sajjan Singh Rangroot was a great experience, and I love India and want to do more movies there. I Googled ‘Best publicist in Bollywood’ and your name came up, Dale. I saw your FB page, and some of your quotes, and something about you resonated well with me. This impression inspired me to contact and trust you. And it’s been one of the best decisions I have made.” -Alex Reece, Hollywood star

“Dale, I just watched all your media bytes on Google. You talk point-wise and nail every issue you’re grilled for. Usually, not many who go blah blah on channels impress me! But you are indeed worth every penny paid by your clients. Your language, diction and command over an argument is impressive. Yours is a fun job dude. Your clients need to lure you, satisfy you, and yet keep their fingers crossed for you to accept their offers.” -Ali Haider, Khatron Ke Khiladi contestant

“All I can say is, you are awesome.” -Amith Prabhu, Dean, SCoRe, Indian School of COmmunication and REputation

“Can never forget you writing about me when no one knew about me. Thanks so much.” -Anup Jalota, Bhajan Samrat

“#BollywoodPRguru #KingOfSpin #CelebMaker #TheRealBigBoss” -Anupama Bhagwat Naik

“You are the Max Clifford of India.” -Anushka Bishen, MA in International Public Relations, Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom

“Thank you for your guidance, Dale Bhagwagar sir. During my dissertation with you as my guide, I remember, you were always a call away… ever so helpful and selfless with your time. I remember the praise I got for my work at college. I’m indebted.” -Apar Dham, studied at COMMITS, Bangalore, former Corporate Sales Manager at The Times Group, Bangalore

“I’m so happy with your working style and impressed by your PR work. I would like to hire you throughout my entire career.” -Arjumman Mughal, actress

“You truly amaze me. I wish, someday, I can become like you.” -Arushi Maheshwari, student of Journalism and Mass Communication, Indraprastha University, Delhi

“You are the PR Guru of Bollywood, Dale. Hope to learn a lesson or two from you before my first film comes on screen.” -Arvind Arora, filmmaker

“We are now taught about you and your PR strategies in college. I’ll never forget the name Dale for sure. You are an inspiration, man.” -Aryan Singh Rajput, casting director for MTV Splitsvilla, studied at Asian School of Media Studies and Asian Academy of Film & Television

“Dale, your work involves making perceptions seem like realities. And you do a damn good job of it. Compliments, buddy.” -Aryan Vaid, actor

“Dale Bhagwagar definitely inspired me in a major way in my journey. Not spiritually, but he made me realise that a person is a perception.” -A.S., 11 Messenger

“You I like and admire. Wish we could work together somehow. My preserved first feature in this city was written by you.” -Ashiesh Roy, television actor

“Never seen a better publicist than you. You are the best.” -Ashish Arora, Mr Teen 2008-09

“I appreciate your professionalism and enjoy working with you.” -Ashok Amritraj, veteran Hollywood producer

“Dale, your work speaks volumes of the kind of man you are — efficient, organised, professional and result-oriented. I appreciate your hard work.” -Ashok Choudhary, theatre and film actor, New York

“I have learnt a lot from Dale. I trust and respect him. He’s my mentor.” -Bhavikk Sangghvi, numerologist and film trade analyst

“I am a huge fan of your work. You are something. Keep that up.” -Bhumika Chheda, actress, writer, casting director

“I admire your writing skills. Jo bhi main hoon, woh aap hi ke stories ke badaulat.” -Bidita Bag, actress

“It seems, if there is something Dale lacks… its competition. He is not only the best, but the most noticeable one. Working from India, he’s manipulated a lot of UK media for Shilpa Shetty. Max Clifford could get jealous.” -Brian Mascherenas

“I am the greatest admirer of yours for your love and affection.” -Chandraakant Dalal, President of JD Institute of Fashion Technology

“I love the way Dale spins stories.” -Chunky Panday, actor

“Wish we had more people like you, Dale. You are really good, professional; a man of your word, who delivers.” -Damen Heyward, artist manager, New Jersey, USA

“I am an enormous fan of yours, sir. I haven’t met you but I have read about you a lot.” -Darshana Kashid

“Dale connects with everyone so effortlessly, which is also why people have no second thoughts about testifying the kind of person he is or the quality of work he does.” -Dhairya Trivedi, student of public relations and corporate communications, Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai

“Dale, you are amazing with your words.” -Dhyani Dave, international chess master from Gujarat, honoured by former President Pranab Mukherjee for being voted as one of the 100 top women achievers of India in 2016, featured in Limca Book of Records for competing simultaneously with 150 chess players, and felicitated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat

“I don’t have enough words or epithets in my vocabulary to appreciate Dale’s achievements. Dale Bhagwagar is not a king nor the diamond. He is bhramha (creator) who has created a niche for himself at altogether different highest level as a PR. I would not even call him a PR. It’s a degradation of his stature.” -Dinesh Thakkerr, actor and casting coordinator

“There can be one Don (Big B), and then there can be another Don (SRK)… but there cannot be another Dale.” -Dipen Dhanak

“You are like an addiction. The more one hears you, the more one wants to. One can say, whatever Dale touches, turns news. Controlling media is like maya and you are like God.” -Dipen Dhanak

“Dale Bhagwagar is the King of Spin… not the one in cricket… but one in real life. A man who rules over Bollywood in his own style. The real hero. A man who should be known to all… the best PR of the country. I salute him. Just give five minutes for this man and either visit his page on FB or go to Google. You will get to know what he is — specially what Bollywood would have been without PRs.” -Divyanshu Verma Kayasth, studied mass communication at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, Delhi

“I am a great fan of yours and your PR work. I know that I can’t be like you but my dream is to be like you.” -Divyanshu Verma Kayasth, studied mass communication at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, Delhi

“You are the best no doubt, but you work for so many others. I don’t know if I would get best attention from you. But the question is, do I have any other choice.” -Durga

“I love your 365 days of advice. Since I am fairly new to this industry, I have chosen the people who work with me, mainly on the fact that they are great mentors for me, and that I have the best team to create Brand Evelyn Sharma. As always, you’re brilliant… the best in your business.” -Evelyn Sharma, actress

“PRO Dale Bhagwagar is the God of publicity”. -Faizal Saif, filmmaker

“Dale is the man. I am famous on the internet because of Dale.” -Gayatri Patel, actress

“I have always observed that your actors (PR clients) are popular because of you. It’s not that you are popular because of them. That says a lot. They are lucky to have you.” -Gazal Thakral, actress and Bigg Boss contestant


“I have been mapping your client list and trust me, you give me inspiration to stay in PR, cause you know what sells and you are good at it. You rock, man.” -Greg

“Dale is a storyteller with loads of spice, twists, turns. He’s a spinner. King of controversies.” -Hetal Amar Upadhyay

“Dale, you are the best.” -Kapil Mehra, businessman and enterpreneur


“Dale, You are the best PR in the market. Freaking awesome and totally worth the money.” -Kashmera Shah and Bigg Boss contestant

“Dale, you’re such a consummate professional. I’m a big fan of your work and style.” -Kate Timperley, Freedom to Create, an international foundation in Singapore that supports artists who use their creativity to effect social change

“The kind of abounding energy and passion Dale has for his work is simply amazing.” -Krishna Shah, veteran filmmaker

“You have handled the PR for so many celebrities. The way you work is a source of inspiration for freshers like me.” -LoveDeep Sharma, advertising professional and start-up enthusiast

“My students are impressed very much by your gesture.” -Professor Madhuvanti, Usha Pravin Gandhi College (UPG), Mumbai

“Undoubtedly, Dale is the best PR Bollywood has seen till date. Moreover, he is a brand in himself, which no other PR has ever been able to become. So much so that when one looks up Google for ‘Bollywood publicist’ the only PR one finds is Dale Bhagwagar.” -Malvika Duggubatti

“In this world of new trends, you will always remain a timeless classic.” -Manohar Roy, Director of Operations at Global Robotics Inc.

“This guy Dale has been a leader of leaders in PR. The way he spins public and media’s perception with his Bigg Boss clients every year, is just amazing. #ultimate” -Manoj Vidhyarthi

“I look up to you for PR. If we speak about PR, people relate to you more than anyone else. Your work is amazing.” -Meenaxi Israni

“A few years ago, you actually motivated me like a true guide. Wish to thank you for pushing me on this path… to build the right news.” -Mia Maelzer, theatre and film actress

“I guess you need to open a PR school.” -Mohil Sheth

“Ardent admirer of your art, Dale. You are one hell of a publicist; a maverick.” -Mukul Paul Taneja, author, professor, filmmaker in the United Kingdom and winner of two awards from the President of India

“Dale is a nice person. Very sharp. He has a great smile and sort of twinkly eyes. He looks like a kid in college, but talks like someone possessing the ancient wisdom of five centuries.” -Nandana Sen, actress, and daughter of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen

“Dale is the most intelligent PR I’ve come across in Bollywood.” -Neetu Chandra, actress

“You are knowledgeable, Dale. Have to learn a lot from you… so many things about the PR world. How you tackle things, how smartly you write.” -Nikey Chawla, actor, entrepreneur, grooming trainer at Air Hostess Academy, reality TV contestant at MTV India and founder of Makeover Brigade

“This is the thing about you, Dale — you make it so difficult for people, finding superlative adjectives about you all the time.” -Nimesh Agarwal, student at PR Orientation Programme (PROP)

“You are a very sharp person and that is a great quality in your profession.” -Swami Nithyananda, Godman

“I’ve followed you so much in PR. You are the best. You are like my Dronacharya for all things media.” -Pankit Thakker, television star

“Dale, pleasure to meet the legend. Keep up the great work.” -Paras Naik, academic tutor, associate fellow, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

“You are one of the best PRs and yet have a down-to-earth nature.” -Payal Tyagi

“You are the best.” -Pooja Batra, actress

“You are adorable.” -Pooja Bedi, actress and Bigg Boss contestant

“Dale, you are fab at what you do. I’m sure you already know that.” -Pooja Misrra, model and Bigg Boss contestant

“Sir, you not only have a superb brain but also a wonderful heart. Thanks for all the knowledge and experience you shared at our college. We love you.” -Pooja Meshram, former student, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Pune, former Assistant Manager, Marketing Communications at Whistling Woods International (WWI), Mumbai, currently with Tata Consultancy Services, Singapore

“You are one of the best in the business.” -Poojita Chowdhury, filmmaker, social activist, and daughter of former Union Minister of State, Renuka Chowdhury

“Hello Dale Bhagwagar, after finding and reading lots of posts and updates from you, I realised, you are a word magician. Maybe, by being in touch with you, I will also get the same power and learn a lot.” -Poonam Manik Verma

“One of the greatest satisfactions in life is having the opportunity to assist others. Sir, I still remember your lecture at Digital Academy, motivating and guiding us for your future career in the media industry. It really helped me a lot to sustain all the odds. Thank you, Dale Bhagwagar.” -Prasad Mohan Chavan

“Our friendship will go a long way. Your advice and experience will always be valued.” -Pravin Talan, fashion and wildlife photographer, photographer for calendars on Indian Armed Forces

“You the magic man, Dale.” -Preetisheel Singh, India’s No.1 makeup, hair and prosthetic designer

“Being such a big person, you speak to normal people with great respect. Am honoured.” -Raj Kumar Singh, Roadie, MTV Roadies, theatre and film actor

“Dale is a genuine guy. Anyone who knows him will always vouch for him.” -Rajesh Johri

“I am a big fan of yours. You are the godfather of Bollywood PR. I found your name among India’s top Bollywood PR agencies.” -Rajiv Tank

“I never used to like you before, as I thought you were too self-obsessed. But now I feel you are a lovely friend with a very loving heart.” -Rakesh Paul, television star

“He (Dale) has solid grip over media. It always listens to what he says.” -Rakhi Sawant, actress and Bigg Boss contestant

“I just Googled this fellow. OMG. He is a rockstar of a PR. Sounds so down-to-earth in this article though!” -Rashmi commenting on an article on Reputation Today website

“What we need is a great PR now. And newspapers need editors who can excite readers with news that is positive. What is required is not Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai, but Dale Bhagwagar.” -Ravie Ravan Kathuria, filmmaker and scriptwriter

“Man, you have guts — you handle Rakhi Sawant’s PR. Kudos to you.” -Rishab Sharma

“Dale, you are a perfectionist. I like the way you present your work.” -Rizwan Siddiquee, Siddiquee & Associates, legal eagle to many Bollywood stars

“You are the elephant of the PR world. None can dare mess with you. You are awesome. Moreover, you are intelligent and funny as well. You are a complete package. The guy who can turn anything into anything by just using his superfast brain. Hats off to you, sir. #GladToHaveFoundYou #BestPRGuruEver #BestOfTheBestOfTheBest #MayGodGiveYouMoreSuccess #MyInspirationDaleBhagwagar” -Rohit Singh

“I know Dale from years, and believe you me, he is one of the most gentle and nice persons I’ve known.” -Rounak Jain, CEO and president at Prolime Host

“Tumhare write-ups ki toh main fan hoon. Bahut badhiya hai, Dale. No doubt, you are the best PR I’ve met till date.” -Rozlyn Khan, actress

“You are someone who the world of Bollywood reveres. And I revere Bollywood. So by default, you are an inspiration.” -Ruchi Pandey

“You are a rockstar, Dale. You are very good at your job.” -Ruhee Bindra, award-winning celebrity makeup and hair director

“Dale has made PR sound like Baba Ramdev… helping the world cure from a disease called oblivion!” -Sanjay Bhatia, filmmaker

“Dale Bhagwagar is the God of Bollywood PR. He’s made ‘controversy queens’… first out of Priyanka Chopra, then Shilpa Shetty, and later, even Sherlyn Chopra. He seems to have some secret formula for propelling lovely ladies into national headlines.” -Sanjeev Sharma

“Dale is an amazing guy with great skills. You can call him the Drona of PR in Bollywood.” -Sankhaneel Baruah

“You are an idol for many young ones like me. You are the man behind every struggler’s stardom.” -Saurav Jain, filmmaker

“Dale Bhagwagar, I admire your intelligence. You are a genius. I’m able to predict that now. I have started thinking like you, sir — because I’m a fan of your spin techniques.” -SGK The Blogger

“It doesn’t matter ke aap kiska PR karte ho. You have talent Dale Bhagwagar; one can’t deny that. You are mysterious in many ways.” -Shahbaz SM, scriptwriter

“An extensive project, the subject being you. And you mentoring me throughout, is much appreciated.” -Shaina Mehra, Cardiff School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom

“Dale is an excellent PR option for fresh faces, because he knows how to bring them into the limelight in a big way.” -Shama Sikander, actress

“Where there is a Dale, there is a way.” -Shekhar Suman, actor-director and TV show host

“Dale, you are the best.” -Sherlyn Chopra, actress-singer and Bigg Boss contestant


“You are a star.” -Shiney Ahuja, actor

“You are doing a wonderful job, and you are awesome at it.” -Shipra Malhotra, songwriter, composer, guitarist, trained Hindustani classical singer-cum-vocalist from Gwalior Gharana, founder of Musik Factory

“Dale sir is like a university with us. He is always open to interact with people like me, who cannot afford to get into a so-called PR training academy. I admire him as my only guru, jinki har ke baat se, main asli PR seekhta hoon. I thank him for sharing his most valuable thoughts with us. When Dale Bhagwagar says ‘perception is reality’, the words are like diamonds extracted from years of his experience. He is no less than a diamond-smith of words and the king of Bollywood PR.” -Shivam Dubey

“Dale, I am a big fan of your work, and follow your blog.” -Siddharth Shah, President of brand development firm The Wild East Group, Las Vegas

“Thank you, sir. Today, only because of your help, we stood first in class for presentation. You are really amazing and a true PR Guru — an inspiration model for all of us PR aspirants.” -Sneha Chandra, Whistling Woods International (WWI)

“You are a ‘baap’ in stirring public opinion and setting such archetype.” -Soham Kar, music composer

“For an actor to remain visible, PR is a must, especially in between projects — something’s celebs know all too well. Dale knows the importance of celebrity status and what it takes to make and maintain it.” -Soma

“I have known him (Dale) since my childhood. He is the most genial, friendly and easy-going person I have ever met.” -Sourav Sahay

“It’s because of you Dale, that by spiritual journey was moulded beautifully. The first riddle I solved in this journey, was that we live in a world where perception is reality.” -Suchismita Gupta

“I keep following your work. You are awesome.” -Sufia Khan, studied mass media at Vivekananda Education Society (VES) College

“I am a big admirer of your work. I have seen so many stars raving about your PR skills.” -Suhail Mathur, Senior Creative Associate of Programming at BIG Magic, motivational speaker at TEDx

“You are the guru of Bollywood PR. Thank you Mr Dale Bhagwagar, for reminding us that it’s not necessary to play by the rules, as long as one is going by ethics.” -Sumii Tha, student at SCoRe, Indian School of COmmunication and REputation, works at Amazon, Bangalore

“Dale, you are a true-blooded PR species.” -Capt. Sumisha Shankar, HR, Indian Army

“It will take ages for someone else to reach even near your standards. You rock, man. You have converted your passion into your profession with a lot of grace and dignity.” -Sunaina Holey

“You are a rockstar in your field.” -Suparn Verma, writer-director

“I am so wishing that I mess up and get into some controversy, so that this guy called Dale could do my PR.” -Supavitra Babul, film director

“Naam toh bahut suna hai aapka. But aapka profile checkout karke, I feel proud, ke India mein bhi PR clients ko itni qabiliyat se handle kiya jaata hai. And you are the guru of PR as per Indian celebs. Your fan from Germany.” -Surpreet Sharma, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi, currently based in Germany

“I really wanted to attend the Polaris media event (held at Wilson College, Chowpatty, Mumbai), but couldn’t make it, since I stay in the far-off western suburbs, and it was raining heavily that day. However, my friend attended the event and said, you are among those few people whose speeches actually inspire students, rather than bore them. Now I wish I had attended. We all hope to achieve what you have.” -Susan Jose, BMM student

“I’m a big fan of yours. I completed by MA in Communication. While making my final project, I came across your interviews and all. Your skill is amazing.” -Sweta Bhat

“I have worked with many publicists around the world, but you are the hardest-working PR — you get results and how!” -Terry Batth, Managing Partner, B2Media, entertainment consultants and facilitators, Vancouver, Canada

“Our success has a lot to do with the information you shared. Proud and lucky to have represented you in our college. Sir, you teach many PR aspirants directly and indirectly. We are always learning new aspects from you just by following you.” -Vani Madhavi Avasarala, Whistling Wood International (WWI)

“PR magician!” -Venurao Dindi, 3D Animation filmmaker

“I have worked with Mr Dale Bhagwagar as his office assistant for almost three years, and I can say with pride that I worked for a perfectionist. He’s been my best boss, my guru, a kind person and a friend. Moreover, he is no less than an icon in entertainment PR.” -Vijay Kumar Gandi, ex-employee, Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

“It’s been eight years that Dale has been the PR for every project I’ve done. He is a media maverick and undoubtedly the best in his business. In fact, he is such a strong pillar of strength for me that I can’t imagine life without him.” -Vinta Nanda, writer-director and social activist

“Dale is one of the best PR personnel I have encountered. He is not only extraordinary, but unstoppable.” -Capt. Virender Marya, Indian Navy

“I think you are one of the few guys who are genuine and straight forward in our fake industry.” -Vishal Bhonsle, actor

“Mr Dale Bhagwagar; he inspired us. No doubt about that genius PR Guru, King of Spin.” -Yoagandran AR, Whistling Woods International (WWI)