“Dale, I am absolutely impressed by your innumerable achievements as a successful publicist. It is indeed commendable for having done so much at such a young age. I wish you many more such feathers in your crowded cap.” -Alok Verma, media veteran; co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, Newzstreet Broadcast Services Private Limited

“Dale is the driving force behind many-a-Bollywood-news, and he knows how to manipulate people’s perceptions of Bollywood celebrities like no one else.” -Amanda Sodhi, in an article on Planet Bollywood website

“Our association is more than two years old and I have found you to be the most able, cooperative and helpful person among most other publicists.” –Amit Sharma, freelance journalist

“Dale has been one of the Indian entertainment PR industry’s most significant agent of change. Which is why, it is impossible to sum up how Bollywood PR has evolved in the last 25 years, without understanding the phenomenon he created for the profession.” -Anchal Sujanti, in an article on the international website Medium, describing how Bollywood PR has evolved over the last 25 years

“You are the best PR in the entertainment industry.” -Ankita Gaba, social media expert, co-founder at Social Samosa; leading online publication reporting trends, insights and breaking stories on social media marketing

“You are becoming one of my favourite people, who I look up to.” -Anup P. Saikia, Moviean website, VP at Creos, former Creative Director at CNBC-TV18 and former Visualiser at Zee News English

“I always receive great articles from the Dale Bhagwagar Media Group.” -Ashley Peters, Managing Director, SA India Publishers

“Dale happens to be one of the most influential PRs in the industry.” -Bolly Spice, website from United Kingdom

“Wonder what this publicist eats, how he thinks, and what he coaches his clients! Quite an enigma!!” -Buddy Bits website

“Beginning in PR around mid-nineties, Dale brought more respect to the profession as he emerged as one of the classiest to deal with. He had that spark in him to bring about change in the way business was carried out in the profession. Though at that time, not many would have predicted his rise.” -Chaitanya Padukone, award-winning senior film journalist and eminent author on the international website Medium

“Dale Bhagwagar is indeed the monarch of public relations. He can make PR miracles happen and make them look like playthings. If you want to ‘arrest’ media attention, get yourself into DB’s ‘custody’. The enthusiastic PR strategist has mastered a cool fusion of hi-tech mechanism; with media info dissemination, backed by scheming PR strategies which rarely miss the bull’s eye. My humble royal 27-gun salute to him.” -Chaitanya Padukone, award-winning senior film journalist and eminent author

“Often termed the King of Spin, Dale Bhagwagar undoubtedly tops the list as the most famous PR experts the Indian entertainment industry has ever witnessed.” -Diana Lydia on Urban Asian website from United States of America

“I recently interviewed with the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Labor Relations in New York. I wanted to thank you for being an amazing influence on my journey as a writer. Those skills definitely came in handy.” -Diana Lydia Parmar, journalist turned law enforcement professional

“Dale Bhagwagar has been leading the entertainment PR brigade in India.” -Exchange4Media, India’s premium website for marketing, advertising and media professionals

“Dale is the best publicist India has to offer.” -Faizan Qureshi, CEO and founder, Bolly Spice website from United Kingdom

“Dale Bhagwagar is one PR personality who does not stick to norms, as he is good enough to create new trends. He is a master of spin for generating publicity, and innovates his PR skills all the time.” -Harry Johal, Balle Balle Radio website from Singapore

“Dale jaisa na koi tha, na kabhi hoga. Woh Sanskrit mein bolte hai na — Na bhuto na bhavishyati.” -Himaanshu Shukla, editor, journalist, publicist

“Jaante ho, duniya ke sabse behtareen aur mashoor PR woh hote hai, jinki apni ek adaa hoti hai. Woh adaa, jo kisi ki nakal karne se nahin aati. Woh adaa, jo unke saath janam leti hai… aur tum mein woh hai… woh khaas baat.” -Himaanshu Shukla, editor, journalist, publicist

“Technology is the key to good PR, which Dale Bhagwagar has been using most extensively over the years” -Indermohan Pannu, veteran journalist and publicist on the international website Medium

“The most wanted PR specialist of Bollywood.” -India Glitz website

“On my Press visit to India from Dubai, I happened to attend a Press Conference conducted by Dale (Bhagwagar) to defend his client Shilpa Shetty while she was in the Celebrity Big Brother house and surrounded by controversies. I must admit, the guy spoke with courage, wit and truth in his eyes. He seemed to be flawless at PR.” -Iqrar M. Khan

“Dale is a smart, intelligent and brilliant PR. I appreciate his professionalism, attitude and contribution to the PR industry.” -Isha Gakhar, beauty and fashion journalist

“Dale Bhagwagar is one publicist who loves helping the underdog. It’s surprising how this publicist manages to turn images and reputations from downright negative to lovingly positive, while maintaining a notoriously negative touch-me-not image for his own self. The British press, who got a taste of Dale’s PR tactics during Celebrity Big Brother, doesn’t call him a ‘PR Guru’ for nothing.” -Joginder Tuteja, journalist, on India Glitz website

“You are always great.” -Johnny Vaz, editor-journalist

“I can safely vouch that Dale is the trendsetter among PR professionals, with his own refreshingly different approach to the profession, grabbing the media’s eyeballs to promote his clients.” -Jyothi Venkatesh, veteran film journalist

“Dale is the most polite and cordial person. He is very easy going as well.” -Jyoti Narang Watchmaker, former features writer at The Times of India and fashion features writer at India Today Group

“Dale, I admire the way you reinvent yourself each time. The way you speak your mind with no hesitation, the passion you have for your profession, and your single-minded obsession to be the best.” -Kaavya Krishna, former journalist with The New Indian Express

“Dale is the God of celeb PR”. -Kausik Misra, Associate Creative Director, non-fiction content at Zee TV

“This man is a genius when it comes to positioning and media manipulations.” -Kiran S. Pillai, social media expert

“You are one PR who takes a lot of effort to double-check what he sends in his press notes, including the grammar and spellings. Considering my work background, I’m often trying to find mistakes in grammar. But in your case, I can safely say, there aren’t any. And yes, not to forget that you always send relevant eye-catching quality pictures. Keep it up, Dale.” -Lucy Lewis, worked as COO, Moviemag International

“You have done some amazing things with your company and have built an empire within Bollywood, in an industry such as PR, which only few people can do very well.” -Madhu R. Goel, co-founder, SAMMA (South Asians in Media and Marketing Association, New York, USA)

“Dale is an influential and learned man, with a wealth of invaluable wisdom. An iconic figure, whom budding young journalists look up to.” -Manish Gajjar, Bollywood correspondent, BBC

“I remember hearing how well you dealt with Shilpa Shetty’s PR. Although there wasn’t much hype around her pre-Celebrity Big Brother, her career changed overnight when she returned to India afterwards. You are possibly the only PR person who is recognised by your name and not the names of clients.” -Manpreet Bhandal, London School of Journalism, and journalist at Biz Asia

“Are you Bigg Boss by any chance!” -Monika Rawal, worked at Delhi Mid Day, The Times of India, Daily Bhaskar, currently Entertainment Editor at HT City, Hindustan Times, Delhi

“When you are in showbiz, PR can make or break you. Dale Bhagwagar is one of those makers.” -Moviean website

“So it’s a given that her (Mandana Karimi’s) PR Dale Bhagwagar has taught her really well before entering the show (Bigg Boss). Knowing what will keep her going strong on the show, Dale must have advised Mandana to act in a certain fashion. And we won’t be surprised if Mandana’s acts are just a consequence of her publicist’s ‘specialist’ advice.” -Nayandeep Rakshit, journalist, in the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) newspaper

“You are great at your job – a true PR indeed.” -Neermal Suri, founder, Moviemag International

“I am both fascinated and intrigued by the ethos of your work and the amazing amount of success you have achieved. It’s incredible.” -Neetal Parekh, presenter and reporter, BBC and Asian Image, United Kingdom

“I haven’t had a chance to meet you, but you are my ideal PR person. It’s because you recognise the impact of certain things very fast, and help your clients to reach their desired goals. I realised this by scrutinising your work. You are an impressive PR.” -Nirav Joshi, senior news reporter at ETV News

“I totally agree with one point in short, which can describe everything i.e. Dale is the Rajnikanth of Bollywood PR.” -Nitish Kapoor, founder-editor of Bollywood Dhamaka, commenting on an article on Reputation Today website

“After Dale began handling scandals and controversies for his clients, he asked them not to speak directly to journalists and editors. He is said to have even added restrictive clauses in his PR agreements, stating that he would be a ‘one-stop contact point’ between actors and media. This kind of manipulative PR control hardly happened before he came in prominence.” -Noyon Jyoti Parasara, former feature writer at Sanskriti Media, worked as journalist at Mumbai Mirror, editor at Fried Eye website, in an article on the international website Medium, describing how Bollywood PR has evolved over the last 25 years

“Dale is the youngest veteran in Bollywood PR, one of the best, smartest and shrewdest strategists around. He understands spin techniques as good as any great PR of the world.” -Noyon Jyoti Parasara, former feature writer at Sanskriti Media, worked as journalist at Mumbai Mirror, editor at Fried Eye website

“I admire Dale for sharing the know-how’s with aspiring PR and journalism students. Great endeavour.” -Parag Maniar, journalist with Mumbai Mirror and The Asian Age

“As Bollywood grows into a global phenomenon, just as Hollywood did several decades ago, I am sure Dale Bhagwagar will continue to be at the forefront of developing the image of the world’s largest film industry.” -Parimal M. Rohit, Bollywood editor and Hollywood correspondent, in an article on Buzzine website

“Dale is a rockstar! The first message I received from him, said that I was being banned from his media list, as he didn’t want to associate with ‘unprofessional’ journalists. He called my boss and made me apologise 🙁 I had to interview him, and my boss asked me to do it anyway; moreover to appease him. Since it was an interview about casting couch, Dale insisted on lying down on his red couch and doing it, that too, on camera. He took me for dinner after the interview (though he had already finished dinner). And then we became friends 🙂 The way Dale has worked at positioning himself at the top is marvellous. That’s the mark of a true PR.” -Pavithra Selvam, former journalist, Sanskriti Media and former Associate Editor at AOL Entertainment

“Dale made sure he exploited the Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty kiss incident to its fullest PR potential. He actually managed to turn the controversy into an issue. An issue so big, that some political parties hit the roads, burning effigies of Shilpa in protest of the incident, while the publicist might have smiled from his air-conditioned office. It was like a mission accomplished. Shilpa Shetty had got loads of free worldwide media mileage all over again. ‘I’m an image manipulator. It’s my job,’ Dale later said in one of his interviews. God! We’d rather term him a smooth schemer.” -Planet Bollywood website

“Dale was always a good friend, but I got a taste of his maddening professionalism when my company (Malayala Manorama Group) assigned a project for ‘The Man’ magazine to him. To give some numbers – he got us 350 plus web-pages, 17-20 television channels, and 60-70 print publications all over India. He created a national uproar; spinning a sensational story into a ‘controversy’, and then turning it into a burning ‘issue’, attracting national headlines. I have seen a lot of PRs in Bollywood, but only Dale can do such magic. God hasn’t made another like him.” -Priyanka Jain, principal correspondent, The Man magazine, Malayala Manorama Group

“Have heard a lot about you. Got to your FB profile. Was amazed to see what you are all about. There is so much to learn from you. You are simply fabulous. I can go on and on and on.” -Priyanka Pai, Whistling Woods International (WWI)

“BMM students now have an option. Either take the five-year BMM course from a reputed University, or alternatively read / study a few out of more than 30,000+ results for publicist Dale Bhagwagar on Google.” -Qamaal Mustafa Sikander, freelance journalist

“Dale Bhagwagar is the man who rides controversy and understands reality shows like the back of his hand.” -Rajat Arora on Best Media Info website, India’s premium website on covering advertising, marketing and media news and features

“You are the king of PR.” -Rajeev Mehta, CEO & Founder, Lots Buzz website

“What’s important is that Dale does his PR well and is straight and upfront — at least, that’s my experience. There are PRs who think that they are the cat’s whiskers and everything else. They sit on borrowed glory of their clients and even spin fibs to further their ends. But I know Dale for his genuineness; as someone self-assured enough to give balanced opinions and correct advice, and humble enough to ask for the same. He understands that PR and journalists have an equal standing; a 50-50 give-and-take, which is a welcome change from a lot of names in his business.” -Rajiv Vijayakar, veteran music journalist and film reviewer for India West newspaper and website, USA

“Dale understands friendship and PR equally well.” -Ram Kamal Mukherjee, author, former journalist with Mumbai Mirror, worked as Vice President, media and special projects, Pritish Nandy Communications

“It’s different for the big stars but non-happening actors can also stay in the news if they happen to hire good PRs. Publicists like Dale Bhagwagar are great at image-building.” -Real Bollywood website

“Bollywood publicist and founder at Dale Bhagwagar Media Group, Dale Bhagwagar is the Rajinikanth of Bollywood PR. Over the years he’s made his own rules, own styles and own world. Apart from being widely quoted across all Indian media, he is the only publicist from the country who has been quoted in international media such as BBC World, BBC Radio, Sky News, Channel 4, The Times, Guardian, The Independent, and many more.” -Reputation Today, India’s first magazine for Public Relations and Communications professionals

“I remember you being absolutely focussed 30 years ago, and you have your success to show for it. Congratulations for your successful career.” -Rina (Dasgupta) Sen Goel, former magazine editor

“Dale is definitely one smart publicist who knows how to publicize his clients to the T. This may be one of the reasons why he has such a list of well-known celebrities who swear by him.” -Roshni Mulchandani, journalist, worked with Bolly Spice website

“Making it sound pretty easy is just one of the many qualities that Dale is known for. Considered a ‘Spin Doctor’ by his contemporaries and the media, his ability to twist, turn and twine the situations around actors, actresses and films, to turn them into much-talked-about celebrities, reaps rewards — having helped transformed dull careers into stellar personalities.” -Sabah Hadi, in an article in The Times of India

“Dale is one hell of a manipulator who knows how to market and brand stars. And he puts in his 100 percent into whatever he does.” -Sampurn Anand, CEO, Sampurn Media Pvt Ltd

“You are one of the best publicists in the industry. If I ever get famous, I will make sure you are my publicist.” -Shabana Ansari, senior journalist, Daily News & Analysis (DNA)

“Anything is possible when Dale is there. He is the king of PR tricks. He is very smart. He knows exactly how to plug and promote his clients.” -Shalini Singh, Fashion Editor, Glittering India Magazine

“No one can compete a PR like Dale.” -Shama Bhagat, senior film journalist, The Asian Age

“Sensationalism is Dale’s middle name.” -Shubha Shetty, former journalist and Editor with various media firms including Rajasthan Patrika, Mid-Day (Dainik Jagaran), Daily News & Analysis (DNA), Mumbai Mirror, Network 18, currently with Dainik Bhaskar

“You are so cool.” -Sonal Chawla, journalist, worked with Mumbai Mirror

“Dale has always risen to the occasion. Ever ready to help.” -Soorya Kant Gaur, journalist at Doordarshan Urdu News (DD News)

“You are the most interesting PR person, most intelligent one, and with a sense of humour. You make me smile even on the gloomiest of days. You are a gem of a PR. Every journalist needs a PR friend like you, Dale.” -Sourendra Kumar Das, fashion journalist and former social media consultant at Solomon People Solutions

“Dale, your quips are a delight to read.” -Srirekha Pillai, Assistant Editor, BTW Magazine

“Dale is a guy who always knows the way the wind blows, where it will blow next, and the roadmap for what the wind is up to for the next decade. And that is what makes him a true-blue PR Guru. I admire his passion and dedication for his work. At several occasions, Dale has gone out of his way to help me with interviews and articles. I am proud to have known a thorough professional like him.” -Stacey Yount, Editor, Bolly Spice website

“Dale Bhagwagar, considered one of the best publicists in B town.” -The Times of India

“Dale Bhagwagar’s media group has been initiating media manoeuvres such as image-building, brand management, crisis management and makeovers in Bollywood. Dale is one of the men, best qualified for the job.” -The Times of India

“You have done a great job with your stars. When one works hard, the effort always shows. You have achieved a lot, constantly reinvented yourself and pushed the envelope, striving for better times.” -Upala KBR, journalist, DNA, currently with Mid-Day

“Well known as Bollywood’s only PR Guru, this award-winning publicist from Mumbai is also a master with handling controversies and crisis management for actors.” -Urban Asian website

“Your press releases are a delight to read.” -Vijainder K. Thakur, Executive Editor, SAWF News

“You are always a great mentor.” -Vijayalaxmi, marketing and communications, Moviez Adda website

“The youth like energy. They like you.” -Viral Bhayani, freelance journalist and photographer

“Dale continually sets examples of sensational but powerful publicity, which can translate into business. He has proved that PR is an art, not just an exercise.” -Vishal Verma, journalist, Indian Motion Pictures website

“Dale Bhagwagar is Bollywood’s ‘King of Spin’. Over the years, Dale has come to be one of the most powerful agents of influence in Bollywood. Networking is his daily commitment, and his easy demeanour and accessibility make him a service provider hard to ignore.” -Your Story website

“In spite of the position you hold, you are still very humble and down-to-earth.” -Zenith Sahai, worked at Sanskriti Media and Entertainment