In 2009, Nidhi Singodia from L.N.College of Management, Mumbai, while pursuing her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune, did her thesis / dissertation on ‘PR in Bollywood’. Dale Bhagwagar was her guide.

In 2009, Gunjan Kapur submitted her dissertation for her M.A. Degree in Public Relations at the University of Westminster, London, with the assistance of publicist Dale Bhagwagar. The topic she chose for her thesis was, ‘How Shilpa Shetty became an iconic brand’. The purpose of this study was to explore how the blend of strategic PR and branding, contributed in creating Brand Shilpa Shetty. The research particularly outlined Dale Bhagwagar’s PR tactics used for the promotion of Shilpa Shetty during and after the Celebrity Big Brother show in UK, which catapulted the Indian actress to international fame.

In 2009, Khyati Malhotra from the Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her thesis on the topic ‘The Study of Celebrity Public Relations Practice in Mumbai’.

In 2009, Anushka Bhishen, studying MA in International Public Relations, Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom, did her thesis on ‘Bollywood PR’ with the PR strategies adopted by Dale Bhagwagar as one of her main topics.

In 2009, Samarpita Samaddar did her dissertation from COMMITS, Bangalore, for her Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism, with specialization in Public Relations. Her topic was ‘Celebrity PR’ and she interviewed Dale Bhagwagar on PR secrets behind turnarounds and makeovers for Bollywood celebrities.

In 2010, Tarundeep Bhatia, an MA student of journalism and mass communication from Panjab University, Chandigarh, did her Major Project Report with the topic ‘PR Strategies for Shiney Ahuja’, with Dale Bhagwagar as her guide.

In 2010, Devika Menon finished her post graduation from Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM), Kerala. She interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her dissertation on the topic ‘Public Relations: An Essential Source in News Reportage’.

In 2010, Apar Dham, M.A. MMC, COMMITS, Bangalore, did his thesis with Dale Bhagwagar as the guide. His topic: ‘Role of Public Relations in managing sensitive issues like celebrity suicides’. His report and analysis revolved around how Dale Bhagwagar managed the post-death scenario for supermodel Viveka Babajee’s family as their official spokesperson in the media.

In 2011, Akash Date did his Bachelors in Business Administration from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management and Higher Studies (NMIMS)Mumbai. He completed his dissertation with ‘Public Relations’ as the topic and Dale Bhagwagar as his guide. Tracking the PR works of Dale Bhagwagar Media Group, Akash’s thesis, filled with case studies of Dale’s past and present clients, has been adjudged the ‘Best Presentation’ by his college, with Akash bagging 14 out of 15 marks for it.

In 2011, Shaheen A. Sayed, a student of Student M.A.-PR, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai, did her thesis on ‘Crisis Management and Image Makeovers’ with the help of Case Studies involving Dale Bhagwagar’s clients – Shilpa Shetty’s appearance on the UK reality show Big Brother, Ashmit Patel’s appearance on the Indian reality show Bigg Boss and the makeover of Vivek Oberoi.

In 2013, Shaina Mehra, a student of the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom, perused a degree in Master of Arts in International Public Relations and Global Crisis Management. She conducted her dissertation on ‘Celebrity PR in India: A Case Study on Shilpa Shetty’s Racism Controversy in Celebrity Big Brother 5’ discussing media maneuvers by Dale Bhagwagar.

In 2014, Shikha Sharma, a student of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her Thesis on the subject of ‘Neuromarketing’. She is pursuing her MBA, specializing in Brand Communication.

In 2015, Shilpa Shankar Hegde from the Center for Management Studies (CMS), Jain University, Bangalore, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her thesis on the topic ‘Controversy Sells; Crisis Management Gels — Effectiveness of Negative PR Strategies’.

In 2015, Shika Chordia, pursuing her master’s degree in Public Relations at University of the Arts London, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her dissertation on the topic ‘Image Building for Celebrity and Brand in India’. The university happens to be the largest in Europe to specialize in art, design, fashion and the performing arts.

In 2015, Nain Dhole from Royal College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Thane, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her dissertation. Her topic was ‘PR in Movies’.

In 2016, Rohan Shah, a student of Harkisan Mehta Institute of Media, Research and Analysis, Mumbai, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for his thesis. Though studying journalism, the topic Rohan selected for his dissertation was ‘Changes in Bollywood PR in the Last 10 Years’.

In 2016, Jaya Srivastava, an assistant professor with the Department of PR & Advertising at Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her research paper ‘PR And The Superstar Phenomenon’. She is pursuing PhD from Apeejay Stya University, Haryana.

In 2017, Srishti Bhatnagar, a student of Journalism and Mass Communication at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her research paper on ‘The Rise Of Celebrity PR’.

In 2018, Prachi Modi, studying Master of Science in Mass Communication and Media Studies at Christ University, Bangalore, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her dissertation on the topic ‘PR strategy in constructing a star’s image’.

In 2018, Sreetama Karmakar doing her Masters in Media Science from NSHM Institute of Media and Design, Kolkata, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her thesis. The topic was ‘Importance of Public Relations in the Film Industry’.

In 2020, Shreya Agarwal, a final year Post Graduate Diploma student of Media and Entertainment at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, interviewed Dale Bhagwagar for her dissertation. Shreya was researching on the topic ‘Shift in the Media Plan of Film Marketing in India’.

In 2020, Souvik Das a research scholar from Assam University’s Department of Mass Communication, had an indepth discussion with Dale Bhagwagar for his Ph.D thesis on the topic, ‘TV reality shows: A critical Evaluation of perception of viewers in Silchar.’

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