5 ‘Personalised One-to-One PR Training Sessions’
of 1 hour each,
on Entertainment PR,
by Dale Bhagwagar himself2-month ‘Mentorship Programme’
n Entertainment PR,
by Dale BhagwagarIMPORTANT NOTES:

  • The ‘Personalised PR Training Sessions’ and/or ‘Mentorship Programme’ on Entertainment PR are NOT FOR EVERYONE. They are only for select students, and priced upmarketly. Also, the Personalised PR Training Sessions and/or Mentorship Programme is not to be confused with internships. Personalised Training Sessions and Mentorship have charges; non-negotiable and non-refundable.

  • The selection is stringent, and it will take more than fees to qualify. The applicant will be judged on the basis of many factors, such as aptitude for learning, attitude towards life, desire for financial growth, yearning to control mass media, ambition for popularity in career, command over language, etc.

  • Only if you qualify in these factors, would you be accepted for ‘Personalised PR Training Sessions’ and/or ‘Mentorship Programme’ on Entertainment PR.

  • These take a lot of time, effort, energy and expertise for a mentor, and only those who are extremely serious about becoming thought leaders of the PR industry, should opt to enrol in these. Others can try for our virtual internships, which are currently free of any charges.

  • Apart from personalised guidance and training by Dale Bhagwagar, students who clear the ‘Personalised PR Training Sessions’ and/or ‘Mentorship Programme’ get a Digital Certificate and a Letter of Appreciation.

  • If the students are in Mumbai, they get an opportunity to meet Dale Bhagwagar. They also get guidance on career choices and which kind of job they could opt for.

  • The Personalised PR Training Sessions and / or Mentorship sessions are conducted either virtually or in person, depending on availability of the parties.

Fees (to be paid in full advance):
Five 1-hour Personalised one-to-one PR Training Sessions = 1.25 lakh + GST
Two-month Mentorship Programme = 3.5 lakh + GST
Tax Invoice will be provided.
(Note: The above-mentioned fees are subsidised and are meant for students only. Preferred faculty of students is BMM, BMS, MBA or students studying Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing or Event Management).