“One of the best examples of a modern day Public Relations expert is PR guru Dale Bhagwagar, who also happens to be one of my mentors and a role model. Some of the things he does will blow your mind away. He can beat Shane Warne at spin.” -Alok Parande, Adfactors PR and PR Manager to Euphoria

“PR is a mind game. Very few such as you play it the way it should be and excel.” -Amber Qureshi-Syed, Culture Brandz

“Dale Bhagwagar, you are a fail-safe supersonic reusable nuclear warhead. Bruce Lee, 007, Superman and a matchless King Kong of spin PR. You have emerged as the Indian film industry’s top notch spin practitioners. I admire your style and strategic approach in PR.” -Dr. Ashok K Sharma, veteran award-winning publicist, author, former OSD (Officer on Special Duty) to Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Government and Deputy Director (Information), Uttar Pradesh Government

“I admire new-age publicists like you, who seek to bring about a sea change in the way how PR works.” -Bunny Reuben, veteran Bollywood publicist

“Dale, you are the most admired entertainment PR professional I’ve encountered in all of India.” -D. Ramchandram, founder, PR company Solus Media, Andhra Pradesh

“I idolize Dale and he is my mentor. I am deeply inspired by the way he spins. It seems effortless. The reason he is such a star in the PR industry is because he believes in himself well enough to convince others to believe in him. It’s truly incredible that he is playing such an instrumental role in shaping the Bollywood publicist’s image from being a mere agent, to a decision maker.” -Gunjan Kapur, MA in Public Relations, University Of Westminster, London, former publicist, event planner and artist relations manager

“Dale is a super story teller. His passion for the profession is quite amply exhibited.” -Kavita Lakhani, President, LinOpinion – The Lintas Public Relations Division

“I thought all publicists were boring, until I discovered Dale. He inspired me to come out of the shadows and embrace life in a much better way.” -Lorraine Sankupalan Paul, PR professional, marketing and business entrepreneur and post-graduate in journalism

“Lots to learn from you about personal networking.” -Mayura Amarkant, founder-director of Sarvashreshtha Solutions, and former Head of Communication Management at Whistling Woods International — School of Media & Communication, Filmcity, Mumbai

“You are the Amitabh Bachchan of PR.” -Mohan Ayyer, veteran journalist and publicist

“You (Dale) are the master of spin.” -Neelam Gupta, publicist and founder, NR2-The Image Engineers

“The first requisite of a good journalist is the ability to listen and understand. And nobody better than Dale Bhagwagar to learn this attribute from. People know Dale as a PR guru for the work he has done. But not many are aware that he has been a journalist earlier. A very fine example for journalists all over the world. No wonder, he has now emerged as one of the greatest Bollywood publicists India has ever witnessed.” -Nirav K. Bhimani, co-founder at TRIVE Studios, former Director of Media & Communications at One Of A MIND, former Head of PR, Brand and Corporate Communication at Asian Business Exhibition & Conferences Ltd.

“You are my guru.” -Parag Desai, publicist and founder, Universal Communications

“Dale, I really appreciate that you are always so encouraging. It shows your calibre and confidence level.” -Parull Gossain, independent publicist

“You have a lot of clarity in your thoughts and your work stands for itself.” -Prashant Golecha, independent publicist

“I am into PR and I look up to you as my Guru.” -Preeti Kopikar, publicist, Molecule Communication

“Dale is someone I’ve always wanted to be like.” -Pritam Sharma, independent publicist

“Dale has always talked about journalistic and PR ethics in most of his interviews. And inspite of his PR manoeuvres, no one has doubted his moral values and integrity. Since he is a loyalist to his friends and a master of words, he can well juggle these topics.” -Rahul Jain, public affairs consultant; worked with corporate PR agencies Perfect Relations, Edelman and Avian Media

“Dale’s constant focus on change has resulted in him being leagues ahead of many. PR practices he brought to the profession then, have now become the norm. He is one of the longest surviving PRs in Bollywood, and still sets the agenda on how PR evolves in the industry, by talking about it on PR websites, television channels, social media, in various colleges, PR forums, blogs, etc.” -Rahul Jain, public affairs consultant; worked with corporate PR agencies Perfect Relations, Edelman and Avian Media, in an article on the international website Medium, describing how Bollywood PR has evolved over the last 25 years

“PRO ho to aisa. You are a master.” -Raju Kariya, veteran independent publicist

“You and your tactics… too good.” -Rashmi Raisinghani, publicist, Buzz PR, Perfect Relations

“Dale is one of the best publicists of our age. PR guru extraordinaire, intellectual lecturer; his imaging and branding talent knows no bounds. It would not be an exaggeration to call him a living legend. What’s more! He consistently raises the bar in the PR field.” -Ria Amber Tesia, political PR, United Kingdom

“I’ve been reading up so much on your PR strategies for your Bollywood clients. You are like my first PR crush. I hope to get your kind of charisma some day.” -Ritesh Matlani, Executive Producer’s Assistant at Reel One Pictures Inc, studied mass media at Manipal Academy of Higher Education – MAHE, Dubai, former Brand Consultant and Creative Strategist at Di-Mentions Studio

“You are fabulous at your job. You should be proud of it.” -Rohini Iyer, Media Director and founder, Raindrop Media