Ashmit Patel wants a body like Salman Khan!

Ashmit Patel was down and out, till recently, he thrust new spirit in his determination and decided to bounce back by pouring his heart out with his life story in a song!

But that’s not the only thing he’s concentrating on. Along with shooting for a video of the single to be released soon, the actor is frantically pumping iron, while gearing up for a second coming. The guy always had the looks and talent, but now he says, “I want to build a body like Salman Khan.”

Ashmit has been on a very strict diet and workout to build the physique of his dreams. “I’ve managed a good deal till now, but have a long way to go,” he quips with a confident smile.

Whether or not Ashmit’s able to match up to Salman’s fantabulous physique, going by the looks of it, he might just manage a good female fan-following soon. Check Ashmit out in his new avatar!