Borivali has a Santa Claus, and it’s not Salman Khan

Radhe Maa helps poor people in Salman Khan style


Bandra ki andheri raaton mein, sunsaan raahon par, ek maseeha nikalta hai, jise log Salman Khan kehte hai. The Being Human megastar is often heard of helping poor people in the middle of the night, on streets around his house in the Mumbai suburb. What’s more! He is also said not to seek credit or attention for what he does.


Now it seems Salman has inspired ‘godwoman’ Radhe Maa to do the same. Last week, the lady was spotted with some of her disciples, distributing blankets to poor people around the streets of her abode in Borivali on a strong winter night.


Radhe Maa even went a step ahead in secrecy. She walked up to a few people sleeping on the pavements, quietly wrapped a blanket around them and moved away. If it wasn’t for her tika, bangles and disciples around her, Radhe Maa dressed in her patent bright scarlet-red attire, could almost be mistaken for Santa Claus.


Her patron Sanjeev Gupta of Global Advertisers confirms that Radhe Maa has indeed been doing a lot of charity, including distribution of blankets. “She has distributed more than 3,000 blankets to the underprivileged. And as the winter increases, she will try and help more and more people,” he says.


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