Kashmera Shah-Krushna patch up on Valentines!

What didn’t happen in Love Lockup, happened at Valentines! Kashmera Shah and Krushna finally realized the futility of their tu-tu-main-main and decided to hug and forgive.


Back to being a couple, their sweet nothings made the right noises too, with them doing a couple shows for Valentines Day.


But even as the couple is getting lovey-dovey once again, a little birdie tells us that Kashmera is preparing to shoot for a super-sexy and outrageous calendar, something as bold as she has never done before, Krushna is dead against the overexposure. Oh God, abhi toh dosti hui hai!


We know you are the daredevil types Kash, but go slow with love. Having said that, we never mind a hot hot calendar anytime (wink).

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