Nikita dazzles media students

Miss India and actress Nikita Anand (of ‘Dil Dosti Etc’ fame) held a group of media students spellbound, as she addressed the PR Orientation Programme (PROP) workshop this week.

Decked in a shimmering chocolate dress, the actress dazzled the workshop’s participants, not only with her presence, but also with her intellectual appeal. While answering a plethora of questions, Nikita gave valuable insights, while narrating her experiences about how she won the Miss India title and her foray into the entertainment industry.

Nikita began with quoting a line of Hollywood filmmaker George Lucas saying, “At some point you begin to realize that you have limited amount of time and an unlimited amount of opportunities.” Further interacting with the participants, she remarked, “There is no point in holding yourself back. If you have a dream, go for it. If you fall, try again, but please don’t give it up.”

She gave a lot of life-tips which struck chords with the media students. “Many who pursue their dreams forget to live life. But that is equally important. Remember life is a process and you will only enjoy it if you live it up,” she said with a warm and winning smile, impressing one and all.

“Her confident personality and clarity in thoughts was awe-inspiring,” felt PROP participant Nitya Gagwani. “Nikita was full of oomph, intelligence and wit,” commented another participant Sampath Iyengar, while Nimesh Agarwal described her as “beauty with brains”. Parmesh Ohri thought “learning about media from an actress’s perspective was intriguing.” “That came about as Nikita was forthcoming, friendly and lively,” felt Akshay Kotian, while Priya Shetty admired the actresses’ “smartness and grace.” Gunjan Kapur liked Nikita’s “pleasant and down-to-earth personality” and felt “the rendezvous was simply fabulous.”

PROP is a certificate workshop in Mumbai, providing hands-on media training and personalized coaching by award-winning Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar. The workshop is specifically designed for people genuinely interested to make a successful career and name in the entertainment industry and media professions such as marketing, PR, journalism, acting, filmmaking, event management, advertising etc. It encompasses 30 dedicated hours of education, training, coaching, self-help, motivation and leadership through media and communication.

Enrollments for the next session of the workshop have begun and details can be obtained from The forthcoming workshop will be of two-week duration from November 15 to November 26, 2010, 3pm to 6pm, five days a week, conducted at Oshiwara, Mumbai.