Aarya did not speak to Minissha Lamba’s family, clarifies Juhi Babbar

The Aarya Babbar-Minissha Lamba Bigg Boss controversy is getting more and more intriguing with time. And everyone including Housemates, Twitterati and sections of the media are wanting to encash on it.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 9 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

This has not gone well with Aarya’s sister Juhi Babbar, who has stated that she was misquoted in the media. A section of the media quoted Juhi saying, “Before the show, he (Aarya) had even spoken to Minissha and her family on the phone. He promised them that he would take care of her and never nominate her.” (sic)

Juhi clarifies, “That is a quote carried out of context and thus incorrect. Aarya did not speak to Minissha on his own. Since she called him and messaged him umpteen times, he returned her calls once or twice. He did not make the first move, neither did he bring it up in Bigg Boss.”

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 5 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

She adds, “Though Aarya had decided not to nominate her as she was his friend, he did not speak to her family, as mentioned in the article.”

“After Aarya revealed that it was Minissha who had made several calls and sent several messages to him before their entry into Bigg Boss, it has become clear once again that Aarya did not plan to plot from his side,” remarks Aarya’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba - Pic 3 (Image courtesy - Internet)

Minissha had falsely accused him of planning to plot a “romance” in the House, which did not go well with Aarya, who flared up and revealed his past with Minissha on the show. When provoked beyond tolerance, Aarya clarified on Bigg Boss that she was actually his girlfriend in the past, and it was he who also recommended her name for Bigg Boss. But he stressed that he did not plot a “romance” as she incorrectly claimed.

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Earlier, Dale had mentioned that he had reminded and advised Aarya to abide by the rules of Bigg Boss, which do not permit a connect between speculated contestants prior to the show. But the Bollywood PR specialist had also pointed out that Aarya had told him, Minissha kept calling and messaging him, despite him ignoring her. This made him call her back out of courtesy; a fact he revealed on Bigg Boss this week.

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