Neetu Chandra turns biker!

Neetu Chandra never fails to surprise us. This week, she was spotted zip zap zooming on the streets of Lokhandwala on a racer bike.


No, she wasn’t participating in a race! It so happened, Neetu was getting disturbed by lots of noise below her building. So she went down to request some calm and encountered a gang of bikers.


But as she spoke to them, Neetu ended up making friends with the motorcyclists. One of them lent his bike and helmet to her. Phir kya tha! Neetu had them in awe, as she rode just like one of them, zooming with them around the streets that evening.


It was a sight to watch, with gaping bystanders. No one ever knew she could ride and race. “Why should boys have all the fun,” Neetu cheekily quipped as she got off the bike.


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