Neetu’s ‘stars’ clash with Salman’s, says numerologist; Warns against entry in Bigg Boss!

If renowned astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi is to be believed, Neetu Chandra shouldn’t enter Bigg Boss this year, as there are strong chances, she could directly clash with none other than Dabangg Salman Khan.

“Neetu’s date of birth is June 20 and she is ruled by the Moon (Number 2). One of her weakest numbers is Number 9 and coincidentally, the reality show’s host Salman Khan, being born on December 27, is a Number 9 person,” states Sangghvi.

Sangghvi feels, “in normal circumstances they could vibe well, but in a close-walled reality show like Bigg Boss where stress levels are high, they could end up having an unnecessary verbal spat during their conversations.”

“The only silver lining is that the ongoing year 2010 adds up to Number 3, which happens to be Neetu’s ‘destiny number’. Which means that just in case, Salman takes a liking to her, there could be no looking back,” states the astro-numerologist.

Meanwhile, Neetu’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar remarked, “Neetu likes Salman too much to have any panga with him.” He pointed out that even while her name has been dragged by Pakistani actress Veena Malik in the international cricket match-fixing scandal, “Neetu has managed a fantastic calm and composure.”