Photo Gallery: Feryna Wazheir celebrating Holi

Commando 3 and Airlift-fame sensation Feryna Wazheir has shared some interesting pics celebrating Holi. Of course, the year being 2021, with everyone mostly indoors due to Coronavirus restrictions, Feryna is seen celebrating at home this year.

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Photo Gallery: Airlift-fame hottie Feryna Wazheir basks in sun’s glory in Dubai

Feryna Wazheir gallivants to Turkey

Feryna Wazheir gives us a glimpse of her travel adventure exploring the city of Cappadocia, Turkey. Cappadocia is a most beautiful region in central Turkey, famous for its fairytale scenery, cave dwellings, remarkable rock formations and of course, the hundreds of hot air balloons that soar in the sky during sunrise each morning. What’s more! As late as the 1950s, people lived in cave dwellings in this region.

The Airlift and Commando 3-fame actress visited the fairy chimneys of Pasabag Valley, the open-air museums in Göreme, the Love Valley (which is given this name due to the phallic-shaped rock formations), stayed in cave hotels, and went up in a hot air balloon at sunrise — all of which she shared with her fans on Instagram and Facebook stories. And going by the pictures, her magical experience really does look like a fairy tale. Check out the pics.

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Airlift and Commando 3-fame actress’ post-pandemic getaway pics

Feryna Wazheir posts WVU helpline to tackle COVID-19 stress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested the nation to light diyas and torches at 9pm on August 5, in a show of strength and togetherness. It’s going to be a huge symbolic expression about making everyone feel that we are not alone.

On a similar line of thought, Airlift-fame actress Feryna Wazheir who was recently seen in Commando 3, has posted a very sweet message on her Instagram, imploring her fans not to feel lost, depressed or alone.

Along with a heart-warming video, she wrote: “Your positive state of mind is the first line and strongest defense against disease. For the first time in India, a large community of well-wishers are going beyond themselves to deliver back to society, peace and harmony, by sharing what they most value, their time, their empathy and their support.”

Imploring people not to hesitate to seek professional assistance if they feel isolated or anxious, Feryna shared the helpline numbers of Wellbeing Volunteers United (WVU); a collective effort of different NGOs and organizations working in the field of mental health who bring varied levels of understanding and ability to solve today’s challenges.

“Please don’t suffer in silence and reach out on the free helpline to talk to the trained Wellbeing Volunteers United in their effort to uplift the spirits of India. Your spirit.” she added. “Empower yourself with the power of positive thinking.”

With India emerging a hotbed of mental health challenges, WVU is aiming to launch a coordinated multi-dimensional effort to help people deal with mental illnesses and address the disturbing progression of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, financial insecurity, relationship anxiety, gender stereotypes, stress and panic attacks.