Press Council chief owes an apology to Rajesh Khanna’s fans: Anita Advani

The late Rajesh Khanna’s ‘lady love’ Anita Advani, who reportedly had a long-standing live-in relationship with the megastar at his Bandra bungalow Aashirwad, is saddened regarding a statement made about her love Rajesh Khanna by none other than Markandey Katju; the chairman of Press Council of India.


Speaking at a seminar on ‘Media and its responsibilities’ this week, Katju slammed television news channels for “excessive” coverage on film stars, cricket and astrology to boost viewership. Taking media to task, Katju pointed out that channels should rather be focusing on real issues such as economy, poverty, unemployment and farmers’ suicides.

Referring to such coverage, he is reported to have stated, “How does it matter if Rajesh Khanna is dead or alive.” Though his dismay over sensational reporting is genuine, such a statement has upset Khanna’s ex-partner Anita Advani tremendously.


When asked about Katju’s comment on Rajesh Khanna, Advani retorted, “Kakaji (Khanna) was loved, adulated and even hero-worshipped for years at end, across India and abroad. He made millions laugh, smile and cry with him.”

“To say ‘how does it matter if Rajesh Khanna is dead or alive,’ after he has passed away, is not in good taste. It has hurt me a lot, but more than that, I feel Mr Katju owes all of Kakaji’s fans an apology,” said Advani.

Explaining her distress over the issue, Advani’s spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar remarked, “Ms Anita Advani has always told me, she loved Kakaji like crazy and that she was always there for him. Maybe, it is because of this special bond they shared, that she finds this casual remark insensitive!”

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