Priyamani blames media for creating ‘fake scandal’ with Sachiin Joshi!


Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) brand ambassador and Southern actress Priyamani is furious with a section of the Hyderabad media for creating a ‘fabricated scandal’ between her and Aazaan actor Sachiin Joshi. This week, a publication incorrectlyreported that Sachiin teased Priyamani in “allegedly inebriated” state at a party after a match.


The Hyderabad publication had ‘insisted’ that he tried to “hold her hand” and “hug” Priyamani, rubbing the damsel’s “ego” the wrong way at a CCL after-party. WhileSachiin’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar as well as Priyamani’s mother denied the incident, the paper still went ahead and printed the incorrect story.


This has infuriated the actress, who says, “We (Priyamani and Sachiin) were just unwinding after the matches. I don’t understand why a story like this has been circulated. All it does is harm Sachiin and my reputations.”


“I know Sachiin as I was introduced to him at the party. I know several of his teammates as I was involved with the tournament last year. We exchanged pleasantries and that’s all,” she explains.


Apparently, there’s more to this than meets the eye. It is learnt that even a Mumbai tabloid journalist from the same publication’s group has been pestering Priyamani almost forcing her confess that she was troubled by Sachiin.


Though the actress is said to have sternly asked the journalist not to harass her with fake stories, he is adamant he will go ahead and publish a story to the effect. “Such kind of unethical threatening journalism could be dangerous to the fabric of society,” feel the actresses’ well-wishers, who are helpless about their idol being targeted by none other than the media.


Meanwhile, a miffed Priyamani is learnt to be planning to fly down to Mumbai and hold a joint press conference with Sachiin Joshi to bring out the truth and expose the wrong doers.

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