So what if Amar Upadhyay is a game player on Bigg Boss?

Defending charges by Bigg Boss participants and some people outside, on Amar Upadhyay being a ‘game player’ on the show, his publicist Dale Bhagwagar says, “Bigg Boss is a game show as much as it is termed a reality show and Amar is playing his game. Big deal!”

“When a chess player plays a game with a strategy, do we say, ‘he’s a game player’? When a cricketer plays on the field with a game plan, do we say, ‘he’s a game player’? So when a reality show contestant plans or strategies, why should we term him a ‘game player’ in a derogatory sense,” asks Dale.

The PR specialist further reasons that we all know Bigg Boss is an entertainment-based show full of gigs and tasks. The participants are fully aware that they are followed by cameras 24×7 and even watched from two-way mirrors. They are also wearing mikes while talking.

“If Amar cleverly and smartly uses some tactics to his advantage, why should we raise questions about morality? Just like a game of chess, he has gone to Bigg Boss to play his game and reach the top, not to make relations with all contestants. Yes, if in process, he makes some real and genuine friends; that would be excellent,” says the publicist.

He adds, “At the end of it, everyone is competing with each other on Bigg Boss. So it’s unfair to brand only Amar as a ‘game player’. It’s just that he plays it a bit more obviously than others. That should be viewed as transparency, rather than deceit.”

Indeed, everyone is a player on Bigg Boss and as viewers we do need to understand that, rather than singling out Amar Upadhyay. Point taken! Topic closed!

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