Swami Nithyananda asks Oprah Winfrey to return to her roots!

When it comes to knowledge and awakening, not many can match up to the self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda.


So when the spiritual leader was recently asked about international talk-show host and American crusader Oprah Winfrey taking digs at Indians eating with hands, Nithyananda shot back saying, “Just like the West has benefited by accepting Yoga from India, they should also begin eating with hands. It’s one of the healthiest practices of time-tested civilizations.”


“Our roots are the same. It is from India that the Rishis went and settled in Africa and created their civilization. Thus, even the African civilizations are known to eat with their hands,” he explained.

Nityananda said, “I invite Oprah to begin eating with her hands and return to her roots… our common roots. I welcome her to taste the joys of natural eating.”


“Indians eating with hands seems to be repeatedly emerging as an issue with Westerners,” remarked the Swami’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar. He pointed out that a few weeks ago; even Miss India UK Deana Uppal was mocked by her fellow contestants in the world’s biggest reality show Big Brother for the same.

Earlier, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty was attacked by Jade Goody in Celebrity Big Brother over food issues.

Dale, who was also Shilpa’s publicist then, reminisces, “A tiff around the dining table sparked off a huge racial discrimination controversy with Shilpa ultimately winning the show and emerging an icon against racism for the world to look up to.”

Lets see if Oprah Winfrey learns from all this!

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