Swami Nithyananda may take action against ‘guerilla defamation’!

The controversial Swami Nithyananda may soon approach the government’s Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC) to intimate them of select websites indulging in what his publicist terms as “guerilla defamation.”


Speaking about the same, the spiritual leader’s PR specialist Dale Bhagwagar revealed, “There have been a select group of websites which seem to be regularly indulging in false and defamatory articles about Swami Nithyananda.”

He referred to a new attack on Nithyananda’s reputation this week, by four websites BharatOne, Gulte, IdleNRI and CineVedika, which called the spiritual leader a “conman” involved in “mismanagement of funds,” without any proof or valid reason.

“Such articles may not only incorrectly influence mass media opinion and turn dangerous for a person’s reputation, but also spread false news, hurting the fabric of society,” said Bhagwagar, making a point.


“A few websites have been continuously fabricating and concocting terms and articles, maligning Nithyananda’s image in a clear violation of our country’s defamation laws,” he added.

“Moreover, many of these are strangely operating in a guerilla fashion, having no clear contact info about themselves on their sites or elsewhere,” stated the PR specialist. He remarked that he was unaware if such sites are operating from India or whether they have their servers abroad.

“Unable to touch base with the sites in a credible manner, Nithyananda may be left with no other option but to approach the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell to request action,” added the publicist, wondering if CCIC is empowered to block domains of sites indulging in such illegal guerilla defamation.

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