Will Bigg Boss bring big butts in vogue?

While ‘size-zero’ might be the talk of the town, the latest season of Bigg Boss seems to be going against the trend. One thing that most of the 12 female contestants have in common is big butts.

“Come to think of it, the average Indian male has long been fascinated by broad hips and curvy posteriors,” remarks celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “Who can forget how much yesteryears actress Asha Parekh was idolized for her well-endowed assets. So much so that there were rumours of her padding her hips to look beautiful on screen,” he adds. True! Even most South Indian actresses have been famous for their voluptuous figures too.

Bollywood firebrand Neetu Chandra, who was offered Bigg Boss last year, says, “The original Indian body-type with those curves and curls has always been appreciated and adored for centuries now. Size-zero is an influence of Western countries, but nowadays even the West is welcoming curvy bodies. How else can you explain the popularity of stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.”

Social media expert Sampath Iyengar agrees. “Most Indian men like full-endowed women. It’s only the West, which is fascinated with the anemic size-zero figures,” he points out.

Ex-Bigg Boss participant Zulfi Syed quips, “Big butts have always been in fashion while size-zero girls look as if they are famished and unwell.”

Another Bigg Boss participant Kashmera Shah isn’t amused. “Fascination for different body sizes keeps changing. Honestly, in this season of the show, I noticed Shaktiji s (Shakti Kapoor’s) paunch more than the gals’ butts,” she winks, adding, “But then, I’m like this only!”

Now with almost every girl in Bigg Boss flaunting their slightly weighty figures, don’t be surprised if size-zero goes out of vogue. All we hope is that such a thing doesn’t cause yet another controversy for the ever-scandalous Bigg Boss.

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