Dolly Bindra and Pooja Misrra are poles apart! Pooja Misrra is an enraged tigress in Bigg Boss!

“Dolly Bindra was the attacker, while Pooja Misrra is a victim. Dolly was aggressive, while Pooja only retaliates. The two cannot be compared, as their personalities are poles apart,” believes public relations expert Dale Bhagwagar, who has been instrumental in shaping images of many reality show celebrities including Shilpa Shetty (Big Brother), Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sherlyn Chopra and Ashmit Patel (Bigg Boss).

The celebrity publicist was reacting to comparisons between the two Bigg Boss participants (Dolly and Pooja) of corresponding years on an internet forum, where he officially answers questions on the biggest reality show India has ever produced.

“Before going into the Bigg Boss House, Pooja (Misrra) had three elaborate PR consultancy meetings with me, discussing the nitty-gritty of the show,” admitted the PR specialist on the forum.

“The most important thing I told her was to be herself. Pooja is a sweet girl who never wishes to cross swords with anyone, but she is also the kind who would not tolerate any hanky-panky. If someone attacks her, she will be quiet once or twice. But the third time, she can be a tigress,” Dale remarks.

He explains, “See, a tigress lives in her own space and doesn’t bother anyone. Pooja is just like that. But if you harass a tigress and enrage her, the claws are bound to come out. And they can be lethal. That’s what is happening in Bigg Boss.”

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