Pooja Misrra safe, Gulabo Sapera evicted from Bigg Boss!

Pooja Misrra, the most discussed and debated inmate of Bigg Boss, has won this week’s round by a huge margin of votes for the second time, ousting Rajasthani kalbelia dancer Gulabo Sapera from India’s biggest reality show.

“When it comes to evictions in Bigg Boss, the public is king,” comments celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar, a specialist with reality shows. “By winning this round, inspite of all the House attacks on her, Pooja has come across as a true winner. She has proved that she is an elephant on the show,” he adds.

“By now, the other contestants would be extremely scared of coming up against her in future nominations. I won’t be surprised if they ‘plot’ again, this time round, to stop ‘nominating’ Pooja, just to save their own selves from getting ousted,” Dale remarks.

True! Pooja Misrra continues to dominate the minds of all Bigg Boss Housemates, most of whom want her out, especially following the recent incident where she kicked a dustbin and broke kitchen stuff, while taking a physically threatening gesture towards contestant Mahek Chahal.

After being evicted, Gulabo Sapera, stated in an interview, “She (Pooja) smokes a lot. So, she went into the smoking zone, smoked a cigarette and something else too. I am sure she is on drugs! And then she started behaving like a mad person, broke the mop and all.”

Countering her claims, Dale retorts, “As far as I am aware, every participant’s bags and accessories are thoroughly scanned and searched by the production team of the show before they enter the Bigg Boss House. It is impossible to smuggle any unwanted stuff inside the house. Gulabo’s statement about Pooja Misrra using drugs is nothing but a case of sour grapes.”

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