Kashmera Shah gives Urvashi Dholakia a lesson in cattiness!

Urvashi Dholakia might be best known for playing villainous roles of a conniving vamp in television serials, but when it came to a film awards event recently, she got a bitter lesson in contemporary cattiness.


It so happened that Urvashi was invited to present the Zee Rishtey Awards along with Bollywood firebrand Kashmera Shah for the ‘Best Naughty and Negative Character’ category at this awards function. After engaging in the usual casual banter about presenting awards, all of a sudden an unscripted verbal duel took over the minute Urvashi uttered “Kashmira”.


The moment Kashmera heard Urvashi’s incorrect pronunciation of her name; their ‘rishtey’ somewhat changed and she flared up and shot back, “It’s not ‘Kashmira’ like ‘Kashmir’. It’s ‘Kashmera’ like ‘cash mera’.” Urvashi just stood there for half a minute with a zapped blank look on her face, not realizing what had hit her; then gathering her wits, sarcastically smiled and clarified saying, “Kashmera… Oops! Sorry, cash mera.”


But it didn’t end there. Before announcing the winners, Urvashi asked Kashmera, “Isn’t it good just to be bad on screen?” Kashmera smirked and retorted, “I love being bad off-screen too! It pays me a lot of money!” Realizing she was in a no-win situation with Kash around, Urvashi gave up on her sarcasm.


“Kash is indeed touchy about the pronunciation of her name,” admits her publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “I guess Urvashi was lucky she got away with just a smart-alec comment from her. Kash could have even taken off on her (Urvashi’s) name and meanings. Knowing her, I’d say, Urvashi got spared,” he winks.


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