Pooja Misrra, Andrew Symonds leave Bigg Boss!

According to latest reports, Bigg Boss guests Pooja Misrra and Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds have left the House of Scandal.


Confirming this, celebrity publicist and Bigg Boss specialist Dale Bhagwagar, who Pooja Misrra has extensively consulted before entering Bigg Boss as well as before her second coming on the show, says, “I am aware that their term on the show has come to an end. It is sad that Pooja could not be a contestant on the show in her second coming and had to concede being a guest.”


While Pooja will reach home by evening, Andrew is said to be at an undisclosed location inSouth Mumbai, from where he is expected to catch a flight back home.


“Pooja Misrra was the biggest entertainer and the soul of the season when she first entered Bigg Boss. After her sudden eviction, the public wanted her back as a contestant, competing for the finals. But that couldn’t happen, and Pooja had to merely return as Andrew’s translator and make frantic attempts to rectify her spoilt reputation. Whereas if she was a contestant, she could have fought back tooth and nail to reach the finals,” lamented Dale, who has also been labeled Pooja Misrra’s ‘guerrilla publicist’ by the media.


Earlier, Bhagwagar has handled the media for maximum number of controversial celebrities on reality shows including Shilpa Shetty (Big Brother), Ashmit Patel, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sherlyn Chopra, Diana Hayden (Bigg Boss) and is officially handling Amar Upadhyay during Season 5.

For the record, Pooja Misrra was ousted from the House for an alleged assault on co-contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj. She was apparently removed for physically pushing Siddharth on the show, after the latter blew a situation out of proportion and demanded her exit.


Initially targeted by Pooja Bedi, Misrra was made the butt of many jokes, after which she shot back and fought her way with each and every contestant of the show. Millions of viewers identified with her arguments, realizing her plight and urge for space, resulting in Pooja surviving the maximum number of evictions on the show with a mega margin of public votes.


So huge was her popularity that most Housemates found her unstoppable and indomitable. About the evictions, they often said, “Joh bhi usske saamne aata hai, udd jaata hai!” (“Whoever gets nominated opposite Pooja, gets evicted!”).


“With her exciting moves and antics for the audiences, Brand Pooja Misrra fast emerged the biggest puller of eyeballs this season, attracting huge TRPs for the show. Pooja’s most famous comment on the show “Spare me” has now become popular lingo all over the country,” states Dale Bhagwagar.

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