No ticket faking at Falguni Pathak’s Navratri event this year

When it comes to the famous Dandiya nights during Navratri season, there is no singer that matches the craze and gusto of Falguni Pathak. Dubbed as the undisputed Queen of Dandiya, Falguni is a hot favourite this year too.

Falguni Pathak - Pic 1

Moreover, Falguni’s Navratri events have gotten bigger and flashier over the years. While most organizers have a field day, they also face the dark reality of duplicators making fake ticket replicas and trying to gate-crash her events.

So this year, her show organizers have introduced a unique way to avoid fake ticketing and control gate-crashing with a fool-proof method.

A technology solutions company ‘NoFake.In’, run by tech entrepreneur Mr Paresh Thakkar has come up with radio-frequency-based ticketing that is secure from duplication. Already used in many sporting events such as the Asian Games and IPL, the technology has been proven to prevent fake entrants.

Falguni Pathak - Pic 3

Though the technology is being used for the first time at a cultural festival, the ‘NoFake.In’ team has already started working with other topline Navratri organizers to enable secure ticketing. A good beginning, especially for musical events.

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