Anisha Victor is the apple of Reddit’s eyes

The House Next Door and Zee 5’s REJCTX-fame actress Anisha Victor has suddenly become extremely famous on the social media platform Reddit.

So much so, that her fans have been drooling over every part of her body. Lol. We know that sounds a bit crude, but that’s the way it is with these Anisha fans on Reddit. They love her figure, her face, her hair, her legs, her calves, her waist and even her toes. And now one is even drooling over the ‘size’ of her eyes. 😉

Yeah, you read it right! Anisha has “eyes the size of an apple” wrote a fan this week, with a close-up pic of her with big sparkling expressive eyes, typical of a good actress. Gee! But Anisha is loving all the attention.

“I’m so flattered by this Reddit post,” she quips. “I want to tell all my fans there that I love them and they are a helluva bunch of super-cool people. If someday I can be with you guys on Reddit, I’m sure we can have a fantabulous mutual admiration society,” she says with a wink.

Aww. Anisha sure comes across as a happy, fun-loving, caring and attractive person… and oh yes… one with eyes the size of an apple. 😛

Anisha Victor encounters frozen waterfalls and Himalayan bulbuls in Himachal

There are some actresses who slog and go through the grind, living a monotonous mundane lifestyle. And there are others like Anisha Victor who really know what it is to live it up.

The House Next Door and REJCTX fame Anisha is a total fun gal who loves everything from creative arts to scuba diving. This month she thought of taking a break at the foothills of the Himalayas. The travel bug took her to from Karnal in Haryana to Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

From Manali she headed to Kasol, a smaller and quieter town near Kullu. Anisha spent a couple of days there and went on treks to Tosh, Grahan and Kheerganga. “The Kheerganga trek has two routes. We took the forest route to go up where we came across many beautiful waterfalls, some frozen on the way which made it difficult to walk as one could easily skid,” she reminisces.

“On the top of the hill at the Kheerganga base camp, the temperature was -1 and went down to almost -5 in the night. Back in Kasol, it rained non-stop and snowed in the surrounding mountains,” recalls Anisha. She excitedly adds, “We got to see some brown dippers, Himalayan magpie, Himalayan bulbul and some vultures etc on our trip.”

Must say, there are very few actresses who get to balance their professional and personal lives as well as Anisha does. We really envy her unbeatable spirit for exploring life. Kudos, girl.

Photo Gallery: Water baby Anisha Victor

Tracking some of House Next Door and REJCTX-fame actress Anisha Victor’s escapades by the moon and the stars and pools and the sea.

Beauty meets grunge under dark clouds

It was about to pour, but that didn’t stop her from her photoshoot on a faraway farm besides abandoned old cars.

Actress Anisha Victor had decided to do some casual pictures in a pink and white polka-dot dress that day — she even painted her toenails pink. But nature had other plans. As soon as she reached the outskirts of the farm, the weather began to change.

Anisha Victor farm pic 4

Dark clouds hovered and her photographer wondered how he would save his camera if it rained heavily. But since Anisha was all ready for the shoot, the photographer decided to take the chance too.

Anisha Victor farm pic 5

Anisha posed in the backdrop of the grunge look of old abandoned cars as the subdued natural light just turned out to be perfect. The mood was relaxed and the results cool… with Anisha donning a dreamy look which kinda went perfect with the location and weather. Check out the pics for yourself.

For the uninitiated, Anisha Victor made a striking debut in Viacom Motion Pictures’ horror thriller The House Next Door, playing the character of a possessed girl to critical acclaim. Currently, she is being talked about for her lead role as a teenybopper in the Goldie Behl-directed web series REJCTX on Zee5.

Nepotism-free Anisha Victor lands on the digital cover of Filmfare


Spunky stunner Anisha Victor who has been making waves as the hot-hot Kiara in Zee 5’s hit web series REJCTX directed by Goldie Behl, has landed the digital cover of Filmfare.

Looking dainty in a regal pose and having her REJCTX co-star Masi Wali giving her stellar company, Anisha seems to have done away with that feisty adventurous image she carries as Kiara in the series.

The cover has her looking all elegant which also made Filmfare post THIS on their Instagram: “Millennial love for the millennial generation! We introduce you to India’s hottest sweethearts – KiAarav, the leading pair Aarav Sharma (@MasiWali) & Kiara Tiwari (@AnishaVictor) of @zee5premium musical thriller #REJCTX2 (@rejctx.zee5) make a mark on the digital cover of #Filmfare. #ZEE5 Directed by @GoldieBehl #REJCTX.”

Anisha Victor - sari

Not belonging to any film family, Anisha’s father is actually a Colonel in the Army and has lived all over India, including Delhi, Dehradun, Allahabad, Siliguri, Jodhpur, Jammu and Gangtok, before shifting base to Mumbai.

Anisha Victor - sari 2

Anisha first impressed Bollywood when she played the possessed gal in Viacom Motion Pictures’ horror film The House Next Door. The film got her a lot of critical acclaim and made good business at the box-office. And she’s rocking in REJCTX now, with all that promise she holds. Yes, yes!  We’re watching and tracking this new kid on the block.

Anisha Victor was learning to sell office furniture! Now she’s an accomplished actress!!

Anisha Victor - Collage 2If you are one of those who has been following Zee5 Originals’ hit series REJCTX directed by Goldie Behl, you’d know that lead actress Anisha Victor (who plays the spunky Kiara), makes quite an impact. With the recently released second season of REJCTX quickly catching on with the viewers, Anisha has her fingers crossed.

She’s the same girl who first left a stellar impression on Bollywood audiences when she played the vivacious possessed gal in Viacom Motion Pictures’ horror film The House Next Door. Releasing in three languages, the film too, was a hit and even earned rave reviews for her.

Anisha Victor - Collage 1

But Anisha hasn’t popped on to the glamour scene overnight. She’s gone through the grind, from being a marketing and sales trainee, to learning how to act, then modeling for some time, before stepping into movies and web series’.

Her father is a Colonel in the Indian Army and she has grown up travelling a lot. Born in Allahabad, she’s a Bachelor of Arts from Delhi and has also lived in places including Dehradun, Jammu, Jodhpur, Siliguri and Gangtok.

Shifting to Mumbai, she trained in sales and marketing for a Singapore-based office furniture company. Yes, she was learning to sell furniture, when she decided to shift gears and train in acting at the Barry John Acting School and also with actor-filmmaker and acting coach Neeraj Kabi.

Anisha Victor - Pic 3

Anisha has done ads for some top brands such as Cadbury, Sunsilk, Maruti, Foster’s, Flipkart, ICICI, Canon, Fastrack, OYO, Make My Trip and ITC Engage. She has even acted in an international movie The Line Of Descent with an ensemble cast, and starred in another web series called What’s your Status presented by Kingfisher Ultra Shorts.

What can we say! The girl has got on the showbiz bandwagon with a strong start. Let’s see if Anisha maintains the pace now. She is definitely one to watch out for.