Radhe Maa turns fashionista!


She might have the ‘godwoman’ tag attached to her, but when it comes to attire Radhe Maa can sure surprise many.


Normally clad in a typical red gown, this week Radhe Maa turned up for one of her charity events in a fashionable frilled red mermaid dress, replete with a red purse to match… the kind of attire one normally sees models and film actresses wearing at premieres and glam parties.


We don’t know if Radhe Maa bought this chic dress from a store or got it as a gift from one of her thousands of devotees, but the lady sure fit quite well in it. In fact, she carried it off with amazing grace, almost appearing like an angelic doll.


So much so that if one didn’t notice the long tikka on her forehead and her bhakts walk besides her, one might have found it difficult to spot if it was indeed the ‘godwoman’ or a fashionista!


Now now! Even fashion designers may call that kind of a transformation truly divine. Thing is, for Radhe Maa, its hardly a transformation, but an extension of her persona. And it gets more and more intriguing with time.

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