Rakhi and ishQ fight on stage

True to the title of their new music album ‘Jhagde’, the catty Rakhi Sawant and the wacky singer-composer-lyricist ishQ Bector, got embroiled in a strange spat on stage, this week.

During the launch of their second video titled ‘Bhoot”, Rakhi and ishQ began an impromptu conversation to entertain the cheering crowd at a packed shopping mall in Mumbai.

All was well, till Rakhi urged the public “to buy original CDs,” while ishQ, popularly known as India’s mad-max music import from Canada, retorted, “love is free – music should be free too. Even if you have to resort to piracy on the Internet, make sure you listen to, and share the songs.”

This began an argument between them. Initially, people thought the dramatic tiff was being staged to create hype for the album. But when it started going out of hand, it dawned upon everyone, the spat was happening for real.

Soon, the unintentional tiff got out of hand, while the audiences enjoyed every bit of the public display of emotions and ethics. It is only when Rakhi and ishQ got off the stage, is when they realized the absurdity and futility of their public ‘jhagde’.

Luckily, without creating more fuss, they whispered some sweet-nothings, hugged and made-up, as the officials from Pen Music, who released the album, heaved a sigh of relief.