PATEL RAP! : Ashmit Patel turns singer; relives his past!

Ashmit Patel is back from the dead… almost. After a long sabbatical, the dude is returning – this time with a song which exposes his life thread bare.

Be it his times with Murder co-star Mallika Sherawat, his efforts to pull his family back together, or the scandalous MMS which rocked his life and took away his love, Ashmit has poured his heart out – all in a song.

Yes! The actor has turned singer, with a single to be released on the Internet this week. But mind you, he is no Devdas! Having completed a video for the song, Ashmit is ‘rapping’ away his pain.

A sneak-peak at a stanza of the Hinglish lyrics reveals the actors trauma and his belated, yet confident attempt to finally face the past.

“Poochte hain log hamesha ye sawaal,

Kahan tha, kya kar raha tha, main itne saal,

Something or the other just kept falling out of place,

A leaked MMS, blame and shame, slapped on my face…”

When asked about the song, Ashmit gets reflective. “I’ve been through a lot of pain and I was always judged for my silence. They say, if you relive your past, you deal with it. This song and its upcoming video is actually a medium for me to express my true self, be it creatively or emotionally,” says the actor, as if, trying to find that elusive light at the end of a dark tunnel.

He makes it a point to add, “I’m not giving up. In fact, I’m more determined than ever, to be proactive and fight back. The song marks a new beginning for me and God willing, you’ll see a lot more of me soon”.

For the musical foray, Ashmit’s teamed up with IshQ Bector, the mad-max music import from Canada providing the composition, while the video is being directed by Anubhav Anand (of ‘Perfect Mismatch’ fame), with lyrics penned by Anubhav, Ashmit and Sonny Ravan.

Apart from this, the actor is gung-ho about two of his forthcoming movies ‘The Flag’ and an international flick called ‘Florida Road’, which are scheduled for release early next year.

Now let’s see if the debonair manages a smooth second coming!

IshQ wants Dharmendra to sing ‘kamine’

While the controversy about the IshQ BectorRakhi Sawant video rages on (with the Censor Board having deleted the word ‘kamine’ from their video ‘Bhoot’), lyricist-singer-composer IshQ Bector is all set to give their ‘jhagde’ a new turn.

IshQ wants Bollywood’s original he-man Dharmendra to enact a new version of the ‘Bhoot’ video, singing the same line, ‘kamine tera bhoot chad gaya re’.

“I’ve been a fan of Dharamji’s garam movies,” quips IshQ. “Plus, he has mouthed the lines ‘kutte-kamine, main tera khoon pee jaoonga’ in umpteen movies before. It will be good fun to see how the Censor Board can stop him from singing ‘kamine’. If they do so, it will clearly prove that the Board is an epitome of double standards, further exposing their bias towards my video”.

According to the singer-composer, Dharmendra has studied in the same school as his dad, in a small village called Tandra (near Ludhiana), before IshQ’s dad moved to Canada, and Dharmendra to Bollywood. Let’s see if these connections help this mad-max music import from Canada, to rope in the Bollywood he-man. If he does, it’ll be breaking news.

Psst: It can be recalled that IshQ had problems with the Censor Board earlier too, when they objected to a couple of words in his earlier video ‘Aye Hip Hopper’ a year ago. Nevertheless, the video went on to become a huge hit and established IshQ in the music industry.

To see the controversial ‘Bhoot’ video,click here

Rakhi and ishQ take legal action on Censor Board!

In a swift move that has taken the entire film industry by surprise, firebrand Rakhi Sawant and singer-composer-lyricist ishQ Bector, have gone ahead and taken legal action on the industry’s regulatory body, the Censor Board.

Recently, the Board passed a diktat that the word ‘kamine’ be deleted or bleeped out from the mukhda (opening verse) of ‘Bhoot’; Rakhi and ishQ’s latest video from their album titled ‘Jhagde’, released by Pen Music.

Challenging the Censors’ decision, the duo, who are also the producers of the album, have sent a Show Cause Notice to the Board.

“The Censors clearly have double standards,” shoots Rakhi. “When they can pass an entire film called ‘Kaminey’, what sense does it make to delete the word ‘kamine’ from our video, and that too, without giving us any reason whatsoever,” she fumes.

The mukhda of the song goes ‘Kamine tera bhoot chad gaya re.’ “But after the word being bleeped out, our song looks completely disjointed. This has killed its impact and sabotaged our album sales,” says ishQ, who has also written the lyrics.

“Apart from the UTV movie by the same name, the word ‘kamine’, having the same interpretation and meaning, has been passed by the Board in umpteen films before,” he stresses.

Strangely, the Board has passed the ‘promos’ of the number containing the mukhda, without any cuts, while censoring the word only in the ‘video’. “Does the Censor Board have different norms for films, videos and promos? Or is it that we are being singled out just because we are smaller producers?” questions ishQ.

“The Censors are not only being unjust and biased, they are making a mockery of morality,” adds Rakhi.

The duo’s advocate Rizwan Siddiquee says, “No act of commission or omission on the part of the Censor Board, or any officer representing it, should be arbitrary, unjust or in manner be biased or sexist. The Board needs to fully understand that its acts could willfully prejudice the fundamental rights of an aggrieved party and therefore it should act accordingly.”

This is surely not the first instance the Censor Board has come under such criticism. From time to time, many producers have lamented about its arbitrary acts and calls for random cuts. Though not many have dared to actually go ahead with legal action, which makes it worth watching, how the Censor Board will react or counter Rakhi and ishQ’s charges.

To see the controversial video, click here:

Censors scare ‘Bhoot’!… More jhagde in the offing

When desi firebrand Rakhi Sawant collaborated with India’s mad-max music import from Canada ishQ Bector, the duo had hardly realized the trouble they’d fall into.

Their album titled ‘Jhagde’ has been in the news for some reason or the other, including a public spat the duo had at the launch event of their second video ‘Bhoot’, last week.

But what has hit them now, is far too serious than tiffs and spats! The Censor Board has blown the daylights out of Rakhi and ishQ, with a diktat that they need to delete or bleep out the word ‘kamine’ from the mukhda (opening verse) of their video.

The words of the song go “Kamine tera bhoot chad gaya re”. But Rakhi’s already singing a new tune. “This is cruelty. The Censor Board needs brain surgery,” she shoots, and in her trademark style, breaks into a ‘modified’ song, “Censor Board tera bhoot chad gaya re”.

While Rakhi is taking a straight dig at the Board, ishQ, who has written the lyrics, apart from singing and composing the album, is furious too. “The word ‘kamine’ has been passed so many times in umpteen films earlier. What’s the point of banning it now,” he justifies.

“The Censor Board has been ordering such frivolous cuts too often in our industry, but this time, we will not take things lying down. If need be, we will garner public support and land up at their office to protest,” he threatens.

Gosh! The crazy way this is going, it seems, the real ‘jhagde’ have just begun.

Rakhi and ishQ fight on stage

True to the title of their new music album ‘Jhagde’, the catty Rakhi Sawant and the wacky singer-composer-lyricist ishQ Bector, got embroiled in a strange spat on stage, this week.

During the launch of their second video titled ‘Bhoot”, Rakhi and ishQ began an impromptu conversation to entertain the cheering crowd at a packed shopping mall in Mumbai.

All was well, till Rakhi urged the public “to buy original CDs,” while ishQ, popularly known as India’s mad-max music import from Canada, retorted, “love is free – music should be free too. Even if you have to resort to piracy on the Internet, make sure you listen to, and share the songs.”

This began an argument between them. Initially, people thought the dramatic tiff was being staged to create hype for the album. But when it started going out of hand, it dawned upon everyone, the spat was happening for real.

Soon, the unintentional tiff got out of hand, while the audiences enjoyed every bit of the public display of emotions and ethics. It is only when Rakhi and ishQ got off the stage, is when they realized the absurdity and futility of their public ‘jhagde’.

Luckily, without creating more fuss, they whispered some sweet-nothings, hugged and made-up, as the officials from Pen Music, who released the album, heaved a sigh of relief.

JHAGDE – ishQ Bector & Rakhi Sawant [THE OFFICIAL VIDEO]

ishQ attracts Rakhi Sawant’s ire!

India’s mad-max music import from Canada, ishQ Bector, has a dangerous secret. Since the singer-composer loved Sherlyn Chopra’s boy-cut look in Bigg Boss last month, he decided to experiment the ‘same’ on her arch rival Rakhi Sawant, for the video of his new music album ‘Jhagde’. And a naïve Rakhi has innocently fallen for his game.

Now it wasn’t long ago that Rakhi and Sherlyn fought like wild cats, after the latter quipped, “How can people compare a Mercedes Benz with a Nano”. Rakhi didn’t take the Nano tag too kindly, and went on national television claiming that Sherlyn was “using” her name for “cheap publicity”.

When Rakhi did the ishQ Bector video of ‘Jhagde’, she least realised, the music man’s mischief would cost her a ‘copycat tag’.

ishQ tries to justify, “Though Sherlyn’s look was the seed, it’s blossomed into a lovely flower, with Rakhi surpassing expectations. The brand new Rakhi is looking hotter than ever before and Sherlyn’s no match for her.”

With Pen Audio releasing the album’s first video next week, ishQ’s dirty secret is going to be out of the bag. Tch tch!! When Rakhi comes to know of it, we can expect fireworks from the firebrands… or should we say, jordaar jhagde!

ishQ Bector to launch Rakhi Sawant’s hi-glam avatar

ishQ Bector, India’s mad-max music import from Canada, will now launch our very own Rakhi Sawant in an all-new hi-glam avatar, next week.

The title track of ishQs latest album ‘Jhagde’ to be released on Pen Audio, will witness the metamorphosis of Rakhi Sawant. “The spunky brand, known for her bold and brazen personality attracting mass appeal, will now be seen in a completely classy, upmarket trendy look and style,” informs ishQ.

Her new look comprises of boy-cut hair (ah, is Sherlyn Chopra listening!), jazzy tops right out from a Karan Johar movie and the hottest hot-pants to compliment them.

“We’re taking her cattiness to the next level,” quips ishQ. The composer, who also sings and performs for his videos (most of them having crazy shocking antics and scandalous lyrics), is best known for his hit video track “Aye Hip Hopper”, “Karle Gunaah” from the movie ‘Ugly Aur Pagli’, “You Got Me Rockin and Reeling” from ‘Billu Barber’, the title track of ‘Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam’ and rap-vocals for ‘Race’.

In this new video of “Jhagde”, the Sawant babe will be seen coming to blows with ishQ in a freestyle boxing match. Gosh! Who wins it and how is still a mystery. But Rakhi, full of excitement about her new chic look, laughs and hits hard, “If ishQ thinks he will get away with the ‘jhagde’, he’s sorely mistaken. Even with a hip look, I can beat the Hip Hopper black and blue in any boxing match.”

Round One begins next week.