Sachiin Azaan Joshi has some secrets up his sleeve!

A Mumbai eveninger recently gossiped that it spotted the Azaan star Sachiin Joshi at a Dubai hotel “strolling in bright pink chaddis” while he was there to participate in Sohail Khan’s celebrity cricket match.


But now Sachiin’s new publicist Dale Bhagwagar insists, the Bollywood young gun was wearing “red chaddis and not pink”! Lol! He pooh pooh’s the writer of the article saying, “He might have been colour-blind or dreaming middle of the day! Because I’m told the chaddis were red and Sachiin was wearing them above his tights.”


“Sachiin even had Superman’s monogram on his blue suit which matched with the initials of his name,” the publicist adds with a straight face, before breaking into laughter! “With this new revelation of colour and all, I hope the journalist is pulled up for incorrect reporting,” he smirks and winks.


Meanwhile, it is learnt that Sachiin is on the verge of some real ‘super’ career moves. While his debut film Azaan gathered accolades and pushed the boundaries for technical excellence in Indian cinema, the actor’s future projects are only going to be bigger and better. Our source reveals that Sachiin has at least two dynamic film announcements coming up this month itself.


Plus, the actor is also expected to bag a few awards for his debut film Azaan. Whether he will walk into the award nights in an Armani suit or ‘land’ in a blue suit with red chaddis above it is yet to be seen. Tch tch!

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