Sarcastic Ashmit confronts unruly Dolly!

Just like a matador would take a bull by its horns, Ashmit Patel confronted ‘the’ Dolly Bindra, even if it was over petty matters in the Bigg Boss House.


While Dolly kept close to her typical style of shouting and screaming, Ashmit coolly kept pulling her leg. When her terms like ‘frustrated’ and ‘loner’ didn’t seem to rattle Ashmit, Dolly finally called him a “psychic”.


She expected Ashmit to flare up, but to her surprise, he corrected her English, saying, she probably meant “psycho.” At this point, Dolly could hardly bear Ashmit’s sarcasm and remarked on the words ‘Rehab is for Quitters’ written on his T-shirt. She told Ashmit he should be in rehab, least realizing that once again her salvo would go against her argument, simply because she couldn’t understand the line on his T. And yeah, Ashmit didn’t quit either!


It was a sight to watch, especially as Ashmit, being the House Captain, was standing up for many, who would love to see a match to the unruly Dolly.


While Veena Malik, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant stayed neutral to the panga, Manoj Tiwari later told Ashmit, “Aise logon ke mooh lagna theek nahin,” meaning, “It’s not good to argue with such people.” Meanwhile, outside the House, Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar termed the Bollywood actor’s panga with Dolly Bindra as “his Diwali gift to his fans.”


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