Ashmit Patel’s parents appeal to ‘save’ their son

With just a day remaining for Bigg Boss Season 4 to come to an end, contestant Ashmit Patel’s parents, Asha and Amit Patel, are keeping their fingers crossed for their son.


Though Ashmit has repeatedly proved that he is the ‘most genuine’ Housemate, the boy is facing very strong competition from Shweta Tiwari, Dolly Bindra as well as The Great Khali.


Meanwhile, there is widespread speculation about ex-contestant Manoj Tiwari having ‘bought’ and manipulated votes by the lakhs to make his old friend Shweta Tiwari win the show.


Ashmit’s parents have appealed to all to ‘save’ their son from losing. “Please help our son Ashmit in his quest for righteousness. He is a fighter and has always stood for ethics with uprightness and honesty. In his hour of need, we feel he is lonely in Bigg Boss and needs your help,” they appealed.


For the sake of righteousness, Ashmit has been witnessed standing firm against the unruly Dolly Bindra, an arrogant Manoj Tiwari, and holding his own, even against The Great Khali, when the WWE strongman was physically pushing Housemates in the show.


If you too feel for Ashmit’s genuine nature, you can vote for him upto 99 times by sms’ing ASH to 56882 and help the righteous one survive the ones with nastiness and double standards.

Shweta Tiwari, Dolly Bindra, The Great Khali DITCH ‘genuine’ Ashmit Patel!

When Bigg Boss gave the remaining four Housemates the liberty to make a unanimous decision about removing any one contestant from the House, they were all clear about whose names they would take.


Shweta Tiwari and The Great Khali wanted Dolly Bindra to leave and they discussed this in detail. In turn, Dolly wanted Shweta to leave. But Ashmit Patel voluntarily accepted to leave the House if that made the other Housemates happy. At this time, all the three other contestants strongly objected to Ashmit’s words and sacrifice, saying he should not leave. They reassured him that they stood by him and supported his continued stay in the House.


But when Bigg Boss asked the Housemates about their final decision, to everyone’s surprise, ALL three of the others – Dolly Bindra, The Great Khali as well as Shweta Tiwari – took a U-turn, unabashedly deserting and ditching Ashmit Patel for their personal gain of staying put in the House.


Exposing their double-standards, they all agreed to Ashmit’s ouster, without giving it second thought.


But God had other plans for the most genuine man on the show. As it turned out to be, Bigg Boss asked Ashmit to open the mysterious ‘red box’ which was given to Dolly two days ago, and the person who was voted out by the contestants, was not only allowed to stay back in the House, but also earned an extra prize money of five lakhs.


“Jaako raakhe saiya maar sake na koi,” remarked Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar outside the House. If you too feel for Ashmit’s genuine nature, you can vote for him upto 99 times. Just sms ASH to 56882 as many times as possible and help the righteous man survive the ones with double standards.

‘Dolly Bindra fooled India!’

Looking at the way Dolly Bindra has been inciting Ashmit Patel, the Bollywood actor’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar says, “Dolly Bindra never changed. She just fooled the nation that she had mellowed down. It was a farce we all fell for. But now we all know how she fakes for TRPs.”


It can be recalled how Dolly’s entry into Bigg Boss spoilt the peace and calm of the House. While most found her behaviour despicable, a few even enjoyed her antics.


First, she unabashedly attacked Shweta Tiwari with vengeance (Shweta’s ex-husband Raja Chaudhary is said to have slapped Dolly at a party a few months ago). Shweta, who couldn’t bear it after a few days, even patched up with Dolly.


But after the unruly lady allegedly hit Sameer Soni with an iron rod (apparently we weren’t shown this footage on television), she was removed from the House.


On her return (wonder who in their right sense of mind, voted for her) as a wild card entry, her attitude ‘seemed’ to have changed. But Dolly has once again showed her true colours, going back to her old ways, this time, attacking Ashmit Patel.


Unluckily for her, Ashmit has turned out to be mentally stronger. The gutsy actor has been giving it back to Dolly (sometimes teasing her in her own peculiar style, tone and language).


This seems to have puzzled and shaken Dolly. But Ashmit needs to beware. Wonder what she would do next!

Veena Malik gone; will Ashmit Patel be cornered?

After Sara Khan, Ashmit Patel has had to bid farewell to another ‘good friend’ Veena Malik, who was evicted from Bigg Boss this Friday.

The Pakistani starlet was the last of the housemates to maintain a pro-Ashmit stand. She used to pamper him like a baby; feeding him his morning dose of papaya, making and serving chai, cooking his favourite dishes, massaging him and even providing the daily dose of kisses and bear hugs.

In fact, Veena was the only person Ashmit could count on, while other housemates disliked his frank and straight-forward ways.

Moreover, it was the couple’s obvious fondness for each other that added spice, not only to their lives, but also to the viewer’s interest.

For latecomers, Veena’s affection for Ashmit surfaced during their task this Diwali, where night cameras caught her fondling and caressing him, as he fell asleep. Despite their arguments, the couple had immense understanding for each other and Veena had become Ashmit’s emotional support in a House full of back-biters.

Now that Veena is out, everyone expects Ashmit to be cornered by the unruly Dolly Bindra, who seems to be calculatingly waiting for another chance to pounce on him.

But the Bollywood actor’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar is still confident of his client. “A little aloofness will give Ashmit a breather and time to introspect in a House full of stress. Knowing him, I can vouch for his guts to slug it out and try to be a survivor even in this hostile environment,” remarked the PR specialist.

As the drama escalates, only time will tell, how Ashmit Patel will cope with life without Veena Malik in the Bigg Boss House.

Bhansali’s revenge on Salman?

Wonder if Sanjay Leela Bhansali has found a new and unique way to attack the Dabangg superstar Salman Khan for having given statements for his film Guzaarish on Bigg Boss.


A Mumbai local tabloid has published an article, with Bhansali’s pet journalist Subhash K Jha alleging that “Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari blames Salman Khan for his ouster from Bigg Boss 4.”


The article states that Tiwari believes his ouster against Ashmit Patel was a “slap on his face, given his thousands of fans.”


That’s not all! It says, Tiwari has now alleged that the song ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ in Arbaaz Khan’s Dabangg has been plagiarized from a song of a late composer called Tarabano Faizabadi.


The article adds that an insulted Tiwari has deputed his men “to track down Tarabano’s family who live somewhere in Delhi. He has taken up the task of getting them ‘justice’ from the Khans.”


Tch tch! Seems some people can go to any extent and use any method for revenge!

Manoj Tiwari attacks Salman and Arbaaz Khan!

Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari is now ruing over a tweet of actor Arbaaz Khan which said, “I would try save Ashmit by sending a SMS,” insinuating that the Khan brothers Salman (the host of the reality show) and Arbaaz, have ‘scripted’ his eviction from Bigg Boss. Manoj is also learnt to have told a television channel that his eviction could be a ‘conspiracy’ against Bhojpuri actors.


“Mr Tiwari is singling out Arbaaz just because he is unable to digest his defeat opposite Ashmit Patel and probably feels the need to blame someone for it. If Arbaaz tweeted, what’s wrong about it? Doesn’t Arbaaz have his own identity, independent of Salman Khan? Just because he is Salman’s brother, can Manoj Tiwari hold him guilty for tweeting? By doing so, he’s being a petty superstar,” reacted Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar.


In his moment of embarrassment, Manoj seems to have conveniently missed out the fact that Karan Johar, Amisha Patel, Manyata and Sanjay Dutt, Farah Khan, Ali Merchant, Hrishant Goswami, Ishq Bector and a host of Bollywood people, along with Ashmit’s growing fan-following, put in their bit to help him win the round opposite the Bhojpuri superstar. We are aware how most of them SMS’d, emailed, posted messages on their Blackberry Messengers, Twitter and Facebook and even spread the word-of-mouth.


Moreover, the biggest chunk of votes must have come from Gujarat, where a mass SMS campaign called ‘Save Aapno Gujjubhai’ (Save Our Gujjubhai) was conducted in the state by Ashmit’s managing team.


Inspite of this, fans of Manoj Tiwari have burnt effigies of Salman Khan in Patna. Manoj Tiwari Fan Club president Manish Kumar, along with some 20-25 supporters, protested against eviction of their superstar and claimed that Bigg Boss had ‘insulted’ the 26-crore Bhojpuri community.

EXPOSED: How Ashmit Patel was ‘saved’!

While everyone is wondering how Ashmit Patel could upstage Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari in Bigg Boss, here’s how he won the round. Not many are aware that the Bollywood actor has a huge friend-circle lobbying for him outside the House every time he is nominated.


Tapping all channels of communication including SMS, emails, BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, word-of-mouth along with personal requests; most of his close friends doubled up as lobbyists to make sure Ashmit had a stronger vote bank than Manoj Tiwari.


Karan Johar tweeted and requested everyone he met to vote for Ashmit. Sister Amisha Patel sent out several messages requesting all Bollywood folks and her fans to vote for her brother. Sara Khan’s husband Ali Merchant and evicted Bigg Boss participant Hrishant Goswami were among the strongest lobbyists for Ashmit.


Manyata and Sanjay Dutt fiercely supported him and asked their entire friend-circle to vote for Ashmit. All of his family as well as friends like Ishq Bector exhausted their 99 SMS’s per week limit to save him.


Plus, the actors managing team swung into action and sent out mass messages requesting fans and friends for support with the SMS-votes. Even Veena Malik’s fans were largely tapped.


But the biggest chunk of votes must have come from Gujarat. A mass SMS campaign called ‘Save Aapno Gujjubhai’ (Save Our Gujjubhai) was conducted in the state by Ashmit’s managing team.


All this, while everyone thought Ashmit would lose out to Manoj Tiwari.

Is Manoj Tiwari tarnishing his own image?

Reacting to Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari’s comments in the media, that his eviction from Bigg Boss was “scripted”, Ashmit Patel’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar retorted, “its another case of sour grapes.”

“It seems Manoj Tiwari is too embarrassed to have lost to Ashmit Patel. But to say that his eviction was ‘scripted’, further exposes his insecurity,” stated the PR specialist.

He pointed out that while Ashmit continued to enjoy the friendship and patronage of Veena Malik and Sara Khan, Manoj had even lost the confidence of Shweta Tiwari (one of his best friends of four years), the faith of his good friends Sameer Soni and The Great Khali, and the patronage of his sister Seema Parihar on Bigg Boss.

“The public is very sharp and intelligent and Mr Tiwari needs to understand that. While Ashmit has come out stronger, Mr Tiwari has messed up his image and is tarnishing it further by terming the reality show as scripted after his ouster,” remarked the publicist.

STOP PRESS: Casanova Ashmit beats superstar Manoj in Bigg Boss!

God punishes Manoj Tiwari

When Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel was pitted opposite Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari for nominations in Bigg Boss this week, Manoj had gloated in the reality show saying, Ashmit was no match for him.


An egoistic Manoj even went on to bad mouth and criticize Ashmit. He raked up the old MMS issue, insisting that nobody liked him. But now, facts and figures have proved otherwise. The viewers have voted for Ashmit.

In a surprising twist of events, the Bhojpuri superstar has had to face an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the upcoming actor. “Mr Tiwari underestimated the power of youth. The youngsters connect with Ashmit, Veena Malik and Sara Khan, not with Mr Tiwari’s back-biting,” said Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar.


“While Ashmit was continuously gaining new fans for his friendship with Veena Malik, Aanchal Kumar and Pamela Anderson (earning himself the title of India’s First Casanova), his tussle with Dolly Bindra, his caring for Sara Khan, his bonding with Ali Merchant and Hrishant Goswami and for his honesty and straight-forward nature, Mr Tiwari had become vindictive towards him. So God punished Mr Tiwari,” remarked Bhagwagar.

It is noteworthy that the public has saved Ashmit thrice from the nominations uptil now. Reminds us of the old Rajesh Khanna number:

‘Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai.

Aji andar kya hai, Aji bahar kya hai,

Yeh sab kuchh pehchaanti hai.

Yeh chaahe to sar pe bitha le,

Chaahe phenk de neeche,

Pehle yeh peechhe bhaage,

Phir bhaago iss ke peechhe.

Arre dil toote toh, Arre yeh roothe toh,

Taubaa kahaan phir maanti hai.

Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai.

Kya neta kya abhineta, De janta ko jo dhokha,

Pal mein shohrat, Udd jaaye jyon,

Ek pawan ka jhonka.

Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai!’


STOP PRESS: ‘God will punish Manoj Tiwari’

Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari may be expected to overpower Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel in the nomination votes of Bigg Boss, but the latter’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar has claimed that in the last two months, Manoj has “lost fans at the same pace Ashmit has gained them.”

The PR specialist who has earlier handled the publicity for Shilpa Shetty through the thick and thin of the Big Brother racism controversy, said, “Mr Tiwari has been consistently criticizing and back-biting Ashmit and others on the show. His taunting words and vindictive attitude for Ashmit was crystal clear when he even tried to rake up the old MMS issue this week.”

“Mr Tiwari arrogantly claims, he can get away with votes, as he commands a huge fan following in Bhojpuri cinema. But I feel, his politics and over-confidence might backfire. God will punish him,” Bhagwagar commented, hinting that he was confident of Ashmit and his newly acquired fan following.

‘Manoj Tiwari has defamed Ashmit Patel’

Ashmit Patel’s publicist is distraught with the remarks made by Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari on the reality show Bigg Boss this week. He has stated that the comments are “not only unwarranted, but downright defamatory and made with the intent to generate cheap mileage to last longer in the Bigg Boss House.”


Referring to Ashmit, Manoj said on the show, “Ganda hai… sa#@ dil ka… Matlab iss ghar mein agar koi sabse ma#@*%$*# … ek sadela aadmi hai… toh woh aadmi (Ashmit) hai. Kyonki dekho usne kya kiya apne life mein… girlfriend banaya… jiski usne video banake market mein de di.” [He (Ashmit) is smutty… (swearing)… from his heart. If there is one person in this House who is the most… (swearing again)… rotten man… that is him (Ashmit). He made a girlfriend… made her video and circulated it in the market].


Reacting to Manoj Tiwari’s insulting jibes, Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Mr Tiwari has repeatedly raked up Ashmit’s old MMS issue on Bigg Boss, falsely alleging that Ashmit had deliberately spread the MMS.”


“Distorting facts in his conversations with other participants including Shweta Tiwari, Sameer Soni and The Great Khali, Mr Tiwari has vilified Ashmit and portrayed him in bad light behind his back. In fact, Mr Tiwari seems hell bent on tarnishing Ashmit’s image with his constant defamatory remarks about him,” added Bhagwagar.


It can be recalled that Ashmit Patel, on the very first day of the show, had categorically denied his involvement in spreading the MMS. In front of all the participants in the Bigg Boss House, he had narrated how the said personal video clip lying on his mobile phone, unknowingly got leaked out, when he gave his phone for repairs and how he had become a victim of circumstances.


The drama escalates between Manoj Tiwari and Ashmit Patel, as the very popular Bhojpuri superstar and the much smaller Bollywood actor, are the only two contestants nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss, this weekend.


“Mr Tiwari holds tremendous influence with the audiences because of his superstardom in Bhojpuri cinema. Does such slander against an upcoming actor like Ashmit, suit a man of Mr Tiwari’s clout and stature,” asked Ashmit’s publicist.

STOP PRESS: ‘I&B needs a reality check’

“The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (I&B) needs to either grow up or do a ‘reality check’. We are living in the 21st century; the time of true freedom; the time of the Internet; the time of Twitter and Facebook. Today’s kids and teens watch porn all over the net; see heroines in bikinis in movies; watch rape scenes or hear foul language in films like Omkara; get to hear many obnoxious insinuations in various advertisements on TV; hear almost detestable language in serials and daily soaps; witness the most stinging words from news readers and hosts of various news channels everyday. Sections of the media have even gone to the extent of frequently showing mutilated bodies from accidents and bomb blasts. If all this is cleared and passed, either in the name of news or entertainment on prime time, then why have double standards for ‘Bigg Boss’ or ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’? Just because the shows have the word ‘reality’ prefixed on them? That’s completely unfair.”

-Dale Bhagwagar, Bollywood publicist

For the record, Dale Bhagwagar has earlier handled Brand Shilpa Shetty during the thick and thin of the international racism controversy in the UK reality show Big Brother. He is currently handling the imaging for Bigg Boss participant Ashmit Patel. From time to time, Bhagwagar has also looked after the publicity for the maximum Bigg Boss contestants including Vindu Dara Singh, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra, Shamita Shetty, Zulfi Syed and Diana Hayden, while the first Bigg Boss winner Rahul Roy has been his close friend.